tomorrow is here

wow, i didn't think i could be any more bored than i've been. the house is clean so i can't even do that. the stuff that isn't done, i need john to move stuff to finish it up. ughhh...
small details on 24-9... the race was cancelled early due to the weather. john was pretty bummed about that. what a sucky way to end it. he'll probably be home around 7 or so.
i don't know what i'm going to do until then. it's almost going on 3. i'd like to hit target but i can't put any of my shoes on. seriously. my flips only go half way on and my crocs don't fit. i hope the swelling goes down by tomorrow.
we were suppose to be hit with some nasty weather, apparently it went right by us to the north and south.


yours truly said...

ur sises baby is sooooo cute <3 tell ur sis congorats!