hey tony

you da man. thanks dude. sea otter is no longer a distant thought. we leave in 4 hours. damn, i better dry my hair. g' night.


it's pretty good

the weather is nothing to complain about today. fun ride in the city last night. i'm not used to riding in traffic. only seeing out of one eye complicates things. made me really want to fix the steamroller. beth's bike is back. i can imagine her excitement. tonight hopefully traffic will be light. hope to get a ride in, but probably not. john is taking care of business which means that'll leave me taking a walk or something... tomorrow morning though i'd like to do some offroad riding to really see how out of shape i'm in. sitting here right now i feel like i've forgotten how to go over a log. stupid logs. why do i think that way? i mean seriously i've been hopping logs for 10 years! and every year i have the stupid thought that i won't remember. tomorrow last stage of the tour. should be fun. i'll be glad it's over. it's 4pm. i wanna leave. but i came in late. dang. got into it with the marketing guy today. why do things have to be difficult. hmmmm... we can probably finish john's hardtail this weekend. i think. i wanna ride ride ride.................


i'm a crabaholic

mood stabilizers is where it's at... maybe. if they save me from my misery i'd gladly pop a pill a day. james actually got me excited about bike parts... something i haven't felt in awhile. i've been providing for everyone else and neglected myself lately. thanks james. i owe you. the postal service has been a fave lately... all-time qb too. it must be ben gibbard eh. bike off to sea otter. now it's just a waiting game. i'd really like to buy some junk for the otter, but as usual, no money. sucks. riding the tour course tonight. hopefully all goes well.



i'm feeling way better. went for a few rides. feels damn good to be outside. hopefully ride tonight if the rain stays away. nasty storms possibly circleing up from the south. we'll see. i love riding bikes.