♥ twin six love ♥

Twin Six is having a sale again. hurry up before they sell out of stuff. i missed out on the jesus tee last time. i see they've restocked.
Twin Six not only makes kick ass gear they also give back in a big way. they have raised many many dollars for cancer research through their fat cyclist gear. and now part of the proceeds from this sale will go to "jenny's light", a foundation to help build awareness, detection, and treatment for postpartum disorders. Jenny was a friend of Twin Six and lost her own life and son to the tragedies of postpartum depression.



of bikes are back in my mind. not new ones, but giving the ones i have some freshness. maybe i'll start with a hose.

time to make a list.



bmx last night. bmx racing tonight. it was fun.
still directv issues. the tech guy who was here friday left without us having any service at all. john called and we now have service but all the problems we have had are still there. more wasting of time.
we now have supposedly a case file number. whatever. we'll see what happens. they'll be here monday.
i kinda started getting excited about bike parts today. some of them bmx parts, but mostly mtb.
i scored a mountain hardwear sub zero jacket the other day. i'm kinda stoked on that! wish i had it this past week.
ride tomorrow.


sprouting legs

to add to the directv mess we also can't find our remote.
when i say we've looked everywhere, i mean everywhere- toilets, garbage, under couches, inside cushions, toy boxes, inside toys, laundry, under cabinets, in cabinets, the fridge, my gramma's house (she babysat yesterday), bags, dog stuff, dog food, dishwasher. we even looked in all these places twice, some three times. we looked outside too. where did it go? my mom used to always say, "well it didn't sprout legs and walk away!" after looking for the remote i do in fact believe that things can sprout legs.
so i had to order one from directv for $15 and it'll take 3 days to get here. lame.



i fucking hate it. customer service blows. they've been here 3 times in the past 3 weeks and we still have the same problems and now we have more! anyone have dish?

things. stuff. whatever. bored. busy.

let's see. hmmm... nothing new. but still felt the need to update my blog.
no new bike parts if you can believe that. still lusting the dt 240 ss bolt on hub and that's about it. i also want to build a new wheelset. dt 190 hubs laced to some stans rims. but in reality i have to get my mac fixed. the h thing and no return is driving me mad.
the 190 hubs are mad expensive and probably aren't worth the price difference compared to the 240. but my mind doesn't work that way.
i still need to buy a calendar to put all the race dates on there. people's weddings, etc to make sure they don't conflict with any races. better to break the news to them now rather than later. or maybe there is still time for them to move their date.
i guess i hadn't shared that my mom had a breast cancer scare. she had to have some outpatient surgery for a biopsy, but everything came back benign. huge weight lifted off all our shoulders.
tattoo is two weeks from today. seems so far away. casey has bmx friday and saturday. john will be riding the tour this sunday. hopefully i can get some form of riding in myself.
i miss my bikes. two of them need some major love. i tried visiting with them but its hard with a 1 year old. she ends up putting her head by the chainring or almost gets her fingers caught in places she may lose them. never fails.


bmx wii and pizza

casey had a blast at the bmx camp today. in her group it was her and 3 others including keegan.

she has 5 more hours of it tomorrow. john said it was awesome to see her progress.

she mastered both feet on the pedals while standing in the gates and then pedaling her ass off after it drops. i'm so glad she's having fun!

when they got back jeremey, jerry and mackenzie were hanging out playing wii. it was fun to hang out with some bike racer geeks again. we ordered some pizzas, talked bikes, first races and wii.


we hit bmx practice last night. you could tell casey was tired. her and john just headed back to the track this morning for a clinic. i wasn't going to sign her up. but when i heard 6 year old morgan did and it did wonders for her confidence we decided to have her take part. if casey is half the rider of morgan i'll be stoked!
as for me and zoe... we have a wreck of a house to clean. i really feel she should clean herself, she created at the very least half the mess.


turned on

a friend sent me this link today. his local trails. i'm mega-jealous. looks to be my favorite kinda riding. i can't wait til the trails are rideable again. i wish i could obsess about something else at this time of year. i've tried, everything fails.


the weekend

my knee is finally starting to look like a knee again. i tried to get a pic but none of the photos even showed a bruise. i have bruises/one big bruise from the top of my knee to just past the middle of my shin. my whole knee area is super tender. luckily it doesn't impair my ability to ride a bike. although riding in tights yesterday, the fabric kept snagging the scab. shoulda worn a band aid.
friday night we hit bmx with casey. she actually asks to go. we were going to actually hit the race on saturday... but a stem snafu and a birthday party kept us away. sunday john hit the tour da chicago while i sat at home doing nothing but web surfing, kid entertaining and coffee drinking. my day didn't change much other than changing clothes and heading out for a ride. which wasn't awesome, but great to be out anyway. my tube came popping out of my tire. i always have a seatbag on my road bike with a co2, etc. but not today! so i limped home in hopes of having no tube explosions. i quick got the tire fixed and went back out. but i could never warm up. i was frozen.
the day ended with zoe falling asleep downstairs, casey up way past her bed-time and john and i sucked into the end of the chamber of secrets. we really need to get to bed earlier. i'm super tired today.



man. things have been pretty lame around here lately.
nothing new. no new bikes so far this year. we are pretty set. maybe some new parts here n there. bmx tonight. birthday party tomorrow. what else?
hmmm... i need to sell stuff. really. like really get motivated to do it.
look fork, easton road fork, redline micro mini, ultegra 9 speed, stems, handlebars, ziggurat frame and more. i really need to organize.

i was just putting together a race calendar. it irks me that the close indiana races are the same dates as some of the closer wors races. on may 4th weekend we have iola, ft. custer, the pamba mtb fest and the dino race. lame. all 4 are fucking bad ass courses.


yeah, that feeling

i haven't been on a ride since dec 15th. i busted out today. 62 degrees. i was overdressed. it felt great. i forgot how great.
it ended crappy. i slid out turning a corner and came down on my right knee blowing out my swobo knickers. boo. i was more pissed about that. my knee looks like a grapefruit. as long as i can pedal tomorrow, who cares.



if i had a mountain up the road i wouldn't care. if it didn't turn to ice i probably wouldn't care.
trails were good. now i'm not so sure. i'm waiting for someone to give a report.
my back is hurting again. call to the chiro is in my future.
i'm pretty exhausted and am not looking forward to being back at work. its been nice being at home with the kids.