The storm that just hit...

I can't help but be reminded of the time I was out at Swallow Cliffs years ago out in a major storm. I remember sliding down the ravines/cliffs on our asses just trying to get to our cars. It was so scary.
Once we made it back, muddied, bloodied and drenched, we couldn't help but laugh.

What an adrenaline rush.


More rain...

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table typing this post out while listening to thunder.
I had hopes of hitting the Mesa tonight for my very own Summer Solstice Ride.
When I left this morning while getting coffee I took one look at the sky and pretty much lost almost all hope that my plan would come together.

It didn't rain in the city so I thought, well, maybe the front came and left quickly.
When I got home John went out for his ride. I figured I'd go when he got back, which I thought would be 7:30.
After apparently some bad calculations on my part about 7:50 I went to put my light on my bike. Even if he walked in the door that minute I would need a light to finish my ride. I still had hopes of riding dirt at this point and I'd definitely need a light for that.
Ryan came over about 20 after 7. He wanted to go so he got ready.
We left for our ride just before 8. One look around the pavement at the park and I knew right away we weren't going off road. I still had hope though. Down to raccoon alley and it was a mess. People left large ruts and there were puddles everywhere. I'm sure that there were sections up there rideable, but my educated guess was most of it was still pretty soft. I wasn't in the mood to slip and slide around in the dark. So, as much as it pained me, we headed up to do the paved path.
We rode out to Lake Katherine and took the long way home. Most of it without lights, which of course made it a bit more exhilarating. Ryan was like 8 years old experiencing the paths in the semi-dark. I love how you can feel each of your senses come to life.
We did about 20 miles or so. I was actually kind of tired. As we made our way back to the start of the loop there was a pretty wicked electrical storm to be seen. I'll remember that along with the humidity and bugs. There were zillions of lightning bugs and the mosquitoes were vicious; my bites still itch. Something big hit my shoulder which creeped me out and Ryan got a winged something stuck in the back of his throat.
No chance to be off road tomorrow. I've pretty much accepted that. Probably not Wednesday either. I'm crossing my fingers for Thursday. Friday we leave for Mt. Morris.


I ♥ mountain bikes

Saturday I opted for a road ride on my mountain bike. By road I mean some paved path and some road. I have a beautiful road bike yet I can't for some reason bring myself to ride it. Even when I'm planning a road ride.
As I got onto the path I knew it was a bad idea. Saturday afternoon on the path on probably what I would consider one of the nicest days of the year... yeah, stupid people. So I headed towards Swallow Cliffs to ride the roads around there.
While riding my mountain bike on the road I was giving this much thought.
My road bike gets most of its miles at the end of winter/beginning of spring. It just makes sense and as, it would seem, I haven't had a taste of being on my mountain bike in awhile. It seems once I get that taste, I can't go back.
As I went to do my road loop I've been doing lately I saw the usual entrance for where I enter the Swallow Cliff's multi-track. It was dry. Say what? Yeah, I know.
So of course I have to check this out! If I were on my road bike I could not do this.
I still can't believe it was dry. There were a couple of puddles, but that's it. You could tell a lot of water had come through by the large ruts. Ruts I had to bunny hop. There were also downed trees and branches and leaves everywhere.
Being out there was so exciting. It was so unexpected.
There is just something special about being off road for me. I don't think I could ever explain it as well as it deserves.
Riding today at the mesa my favorite things were the smell of honeysuckle, the suicidal chipmunks, fawns (is there anything in this world as cute as a baby deer?), families of deer, new trail that was even better than you imagined and some of it even a surprise. I love how I can ride a section over and over perfectly, but then fuck it up another day (fuck you entrance). I just love mountain bikes. I love the way they feel. I love the way they look. I love the way they ride. I just feel so at one on them.

I'm going to bed before I look at the radar.

And PRO XCT this weekend. My goal is to not die.



No way I was waiting til tomorrow to ride knowing that the mesa was probably 90% rideable. It was way better than when we were out there on Sunday.

I ended up getting a late start (story of my life) so I'm sort of glad I didn't hit the new stuff... I would've been out there still while it was REAL dark. It doesn't get super dark til after 9pm, but in the woods, as you know, totally different story.

Nearing the 2x4 that I endoed over, I sort of got a little nervous, but rode over it with ease. The climbs were all climbable (not slick and and my tires weren't clogged),just the normal mud spots were super muddy; the flat turns weren't even holding water. Raccoon alley, however, was nasty, now that I think about it. Tomorrow will be even better. I haven't even checked the forecast and am trying not to look.

Not sure what the weekend is looking like. It's father's day on Sunday. So I'll see my dad on Saturday as he works on Sunday. WEMS is Saturday as well as a DINO race. The rescheduled PAMBA race is Sunday. I left the decision up to John; he's leaning towards PAMBA- crossing my fingers it doesn't get rained out.

I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow.


Endos and FORM

I endoed while riding on Sunday.
It was dumb. I've never missed the 2x4. I guess there is a first time for everything.
I knew I missed it right away and let go. As I went over I knew the bike was coming back at me so I caught it. Jumped up and was surprised at how bad I didn't feel.
Not even a twinge of "I want to cry, but won't." A bit later I had a headache and sore shoulder, not to mention a bruised knee. Still, no biggee. But today lifting my left shoulder is bothersome. Nothing to really complain too much about other than I thought about getting old. Age doesn't bother me really, but I was just thinking that if this happened to me 10 years ago I think the only evidence of it happening would be a purple spot on my knee.

My FORM is forming up nicely. I'm hoping to have it by the end of June. Probably too late to build up for the PRO XCT but hopefully I'll be able to decorate it for the 4th of July rides. *crosses fingers



I will pretty much piss and moan about idiots who ride on muddy trails.
Well, guess what I did today... at least they were all illegal anyway.





I need dirt. Seriously.
I seem to get very opinionated without it.


More B.S.

I can't decide if I'm over the rain yet or not. One moment I think it is what it is, no use getting all fired up about it, and then, I just get super irritated.
I've barely ridden since Wausau. I got on my bike Wednesday to only turn around after 20 minutes. I felt like shit, my bike fit felt all wrong and then on top of that the Blackhawks would be starting game 3 soon. In hindsight I should've just rode.

Casey had a soccer game on Thursday so I wasn't able to get out then either. Well, I suppose I could go night riding. Must remember to charge the lights. I do have a hard time night riding by myself though. I get pretty creeped out going through some sections.

I don't even remember Friday night... oh yeah, Blackhawks loss. Again, I should've rode.
Saturday I was at a baby shower. It was for my best friend growing up. I missed Casey's end of year soccer party which was kind of a bummer. She got a trophy; she was pretty stoked. Later that afternoon I headed out on a road ride. I didn't have a plan really. I ended up by swallow cliffs. The whole time I kept envisioning someone hitting me from behind. There are absolutely no shoulders out there with cars whizzing by at 60mph. I hate that.

After I was home of course the sky let loose. So trail riding is pushed back even more. *sigh
Today I'll probably ride a bit later. John just got home from his ride.
Phineas and Ferb are on and the laundry is screaming.



It's raining again.

I just want to ride. Tomorrow is rain or shine. I'll be able to get out earlier... I think. Need to check the soccer schedule.

This weekend I thought I'd finally be making the trip down to Brown County. That's a no go. Casey's soccer picnic is Saturday.

I'm holding out hope the trails will be rideable this weekend... so I'm planning a ride out there if you want to come.