No way I was waiting til tomorrow to ride knowing that the mesa was probably 90% rideable. It was way better than when we were out there on Sunday.

I ended up getting a late start (story of my life) so I'm sort of glad I didn't hit the new stuff... I would've been out there still while it was REAL dark. It doesn't get super dark til after 9pm, but in the woods, as you know, totally different story.

Nearing the 2x4 that I endoed over, I sort of got a little nervous, but rode over it with ease. The climbs were all climbable (not slick and and my tires weren't clogged),just the normal mud spots were super muddy; the flat turns weren't even holding water. Raccoon alley, however, was nasty, now that I think about it. Tomorrow will be even better. I haven't even checked the forecast and am trying not to look.

Not sure what the weekend is looking like. It's father's day on Sunday. So I'll see my dad on Saturday as he works on Sunday. WEMS is Saturday as well as a DINO race. The rescheduled PAMBA race is Sunday. I left the decision up to John; he's leaning towards PAMBA- crossing my fingers it doesn't get rained out.

I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow.