i hate tires. gone are the days where one tire worked for all conditions... didn't fart on the pavement, cleared mud, rolled sweet on hardpack... i miss my michelins. thinking about it, i think the catt has a pair on his schwinn... but how old are they? maybe the've dry rotted. i don't think he's touched that bike in like 2 years. pasta bowl for lunch. can't get any yummier than that. no race this weekend. 3 days off. now it appears there is a bday party sat. hmmm. i was hoping to have that day to myself to do house stuff. we'll see. i'm sure it will be in the middle of the day. palos ride tonight... sram cup tomorrow? dunno. we'll see.


me suck wind


4th in age, 9th overall. i was happy with that. i've set a new goal for myself but can not share as it's not nice. long weekend coming up. nice that it appears to be the first mem day without rain. rant so what's up with people not riding in the classes they are suppose to be in. we all hate sandbaggers. but what's up with riding in elite when it's REAL clear they should be a class or TWO lower? elite level is just that- elite athletes. racing in elite category if you are getting lapped once and sometimes twice by people in your own class to me means you need to drop a class. especially in elite. what's your reason? miles? races aren't to get miles in, get your miles in before the race. mistake? okay i'll give you that, but not season after season. just wanting to say you're elite? i won't even comment on that. get a clue. how do you expect to get any better? over john did pretty good. rookie mistake. didn't bring a gel, or is that a pride mistake... most rookies have tons of gels in their jersey pockets. so he bonked going into the last lap and probably lost over 5 minutes. i'm sure he won't make that mistake again. ride tonight? mesa. hopefully. ride tomorrow palos? hopefully. just found out i've got three weeks vacation! woo freakin' hoo! what should i do with it. i have to take a week off. which week? i need to plan. bummer john doesn't have a week. wisconsin rapids WORS #4 in two weeks. never done that one before. hopefully super fun happy slide. just need to get to the singletrack first!



so what's up mutha fukkas

red 990 on orange sycip. badass. my bike is so badass. in fact all my bikes are badass. i challenge anyone to show me a bike more badasser than mine. i am so full of shit. anyway, today turned out to be a nice day weather wise. but the damage has been done, the trails i'm sure are muddy like soft pooh. tonight- what's the plan? the plan is like every other night... nothing. i could dig on some marios. hmmm... tomorrow, nothing i wanna do, but everything i should do. CLEAN suckah. the yard is a wreck. the weeds are taking over. some much needed yard work is in order. and oh yeah, hitch install tomorrow at 8 am. saweet. i say we drop it off and grab some breakfast. i'll run that by the catt later. i haven't done breakfast in awhile. i'm not much on breakfast but occassionally it's the shiznit.



yes. it's been awhile... again. it's been hectic to say the least. been trying to get as much riding in as possible. it never happens the way you want it to. just isn't enough time in the day.
good news for james... another interview. good luck man. spot is done and is sweet. groovy pics to follow, hopefully soon. first wors race last weekend... #3 in age group, 11th overall, not bad. i was happy. top 10 woulda been cool though :) wors #2 is this weekend at alpine valley. tons of people are heading up so it should be great. lots to do to the sycip... fork rebuild, gear fixes and new cassette... back to work.


woo foo

dang. it's been awhile eh... almost so much shit going on it's too much to write... well and i'm lazy. sea otter was awesome to say the least. best time ever. some sun and fun. spot arrived. slowly building it up. waiting for a few items to come in. got a new vehicle. ride tonight, hopefully off road. what bike? the sycip is down- parts coming in this week to complete her. blur is down- raymo trashed the wheel. black bike is it i guess. raced that at ft custer this weekend. went pretty damn good aside from the post slipping over an inch... i think i was afraid to tighten it down. looks like this weekend is shaping up nicely. got to get the chores done to play though. mom's day too sunday. need to get my mom something... but what?