i've done nothing really.
hit the cross race on saturday. nice day.
i'm in a funk. when i feel like riding i'll snap out of it i'm sure.


fall color fest

anyone doing the fall color fest this saturday?
not sure what we are doing.
there's fall color fest saturday, peoria mtb race on sunday or wors.
wors sounds lame and far. peoria is always awesome and a nice change.


haven't done much lately. in fact zero miles since the meltdown.
that changed yesteday.
john, the girls and i headed to jackson park for the first race in the chicrosscup series. they switched the course big time which was a huge plus for john. he raced well although we still don't know what his result was.

after that we headed up to bubba's house to ride the trails up there. about 9 of us hit the trails for about 2+ hours of riding. it felt good to be on the mtb again. i was thankful that the ride was at a talking pace. maybe that's all i need to get into a groove again. the waltworks turned out to be the perfect ride for there!
afterwards bubba threw some meat on the grill and we hung out for a bit. the girls had a lot of fun (thanks andrea and julie). we barely pulled out of bubba's street and both were already out like lights. neither woke til this morning.
i have a doc appt today to see if i can find out why i've been feeling so awful lately.


feeling better?

i must be, i just had thoughts of going downstairs to grab a candy bar.
mmmm... whatchamacallit.



i've been sick since yesterday. i slept from 5pm yesterday til 6:30am this morning.
i'm still tired and my stomach is a crampy wreck! what's the deal?
i'm hoping i'm close to 100% tomorrow.



yeah, i know it's been awhile. i seem to have been busy with nothing and everything (except anything bike related).
nothing's really happened really except for maybe the house is a little cleaner, we're a couple steps closer to getting our railings and we have a new couch and futon.
it feels good to walk in the front door and not be disgusted.
saturday there was no time to ride my bike- it was zoe's birthday. i had a lot of things to do not to mention getting two kids ready takes time. i headed over to my sis' and helped setup etc. the party was fun. the kids had a blast. i of course ate way too much. zoe came home with some great things.
saturday night had amelia and bender over for the palos race.
we watched some lame tv for a bit. when i couldn't keep my eyes open anymore i headed to bed.
sunday came quick. we had some breakfast and rushed to the course. i must've had wors on the brain as i thought the sports started at 11:30- it was actually 10:30. so we missed the start and the chance to cheer on a few friends.
i'll be honest, with my lack of riding and the course toughness i wasn't expecting much. i just wanted to finish without being miserable and not be last. i accomplished that yesterday but not today. i'm exhausted and dehydrated! i feel like crap.
i started with amelia.

i had no idea who was ahead of us. well, i knew holly was up there, but unsure if there were any other gals. amelia starts at my pace and i'm not sure if i can't hold the pace or she just gets faster and faster as the race goes on. either way she rocked it. i spent the majority of the race alone. i haven't raced alone in a long time. i had the sound of my rear rotor to keep me company the whole 3 laps. the centerlock adaptor came undone and my rotor was just floating in the back, i could tell the front was getting ready too. at first it was super annoying and i was pissed. i stopped to hand tighten it a couple times, but knew that was futile. it's very rare i have anything go wrong with my bike, so i'm not going to dwell on it. i'm guessing it was mechanic's error (me) and not the adaptors. eventually if it wasn't rattling it freaked me out. i'd expect to see the rotor behind me on the ground (i know impossible) and have no brake.
i was relieved to be done. john came to finish just as i was. it would've been nice to ride in together, but 6th place was at the top of the hill. still tho' it was close enough. he had a great race and finished 5th! i was proud and happy for him.

i'm not sure what weather gods cambr has in their pocket but it could not have been a nicer day. it was beautful. the 3 inches of rain we got on Thursday had the course in perfect condition. i haven't railed turf 1 or 3 ravines like that in ages. it was awesome.

i finished pretty much how i expected. i wished i were faster, but who doesn't. i'm not bummed about it as i haven't been riding. but i could tell that i haven't been riding, i didn't have any speed at all. hopefully i can get some good rides in for the last two WORS races and definitely for beechwood as that's a tough one!
but back to this past weekend, most of us headed back to my house afterwards for some portillos. good food, friends and conversation.
it was nice to see all the people i call friends have a good day. blue mound is coming up, but i don't think it's in my cards. maybe kettle this saturday with amelia if i find a sitter. john'll be near canada.

congrats to bender. he had an awesome race! the trophy he won was the best race prize ever!

thanks to rusty for the pics. i never get to scroll through his pics and find a pic of myself, so that was cool.