haven't done much lately. in fact zero miles since the meltdown.
that changed yesteday.
john, the girls and i headed to jackson park for the first race in the chicrosscup series. they switched the course big time which was a huge plus for john. he raced well although we still don't know what his result was.

after that we headed up to bubba's house to ride the trails up there. about 9 of us hit the trails for about 2+ hours of riding. it felt good to be on the mtb again. i was thankful that the ride was at a talking pace. maybe that's all i need to get into a groove again. the waltworks turned out to be the perfect ride for there!
afterwards bubba threw some meat on the grill and we hung out for a bit. the girls had a lot of fun (thanks andrea and julie). we barely pulled out of bubba's street and both were already out like lights. neither woke til this morning.
i have a doc appt today to see if i can find out why i've been feeling so awful lately.


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