I have no idea what possessed me to actually update this blog.
Probably weather depression. My blog is filled with pissy posts about the weather so what's one more? I know that it won't be cold and rainy forever, but still...
Reading my last few posts the Superfly is gone; it'll be replaced by a Form shortly. I suppose I should be sure all of the parts we need are in. I need to make a list. I'm going to sell the Eriksen. I stopped racing cross. Once the weather turned to shit I hung it up. No regrets. I found that I enjoyed hanging out with the crowds and watching John. He raced right after me so I'd miss everything. I'm just not a competition person I guess. I think I like mountain bike racing because for the most part it just seems like a hard mountain bike ride with other people. With cross it seemed like the prep was longer than the race. Just wasn't for me.
The girls are good. Casey started tumbling, Zoe will be starting dance. Everything is so expensive. I can't believe Casey is 9. She is so unbelievably smart and creative. Zoe is 4 going on 15. She loves to sing, dance and be a drama princess. We finally got a trail-a-bike so hopefully we'll have some family rides (when the weather finally warms up).

I can't believe Iola is less than two weeks away. It's going to hurt.