ramble on

i ended up hitting devil's head on sunday with john. it took us 45 minutes longer to get out of the house than usual with two kids. we need to work on that. you forget all that shit. i ended up being way over prepared, but the weekend before i wasn't prepared as we hit a barbecue we hadn't planned on. it was cool though, we hung out with the guys from the kodak gallery/sierra nevada team after the pro crits. anyway, devil's head was good. the trip up was uneventful. we got there in just enough time for john to register and get dressed. he didn't really get a chance to warm up. i guess that's the sacrifice you may have to make if you want your whole family there with a newborn. i missed this race. i dreaded it last year as i'm not a climber but i ended up having one of my best finishes there. i think i was able to hold my own with my descending skills. the weather was a lot more pleasant this year. john got his second age podium so that was cool. casey is enjoying it.
nothing else going on really. i'd like to hit the basement to check out my bikes. they are kind of stashed out of the way. i plan on saddling up on one this weekend and see how it feels. for real this time. i have one change in mind for the sycip and a couple for the spot. the s.a.s.s. still needs a headset and the rig has no fork. damn, i forgot about the rig. i'll need to find out about that bontrager fork. this is what sucks about not being at work.
speaking of the basement, its a wreck! we got tons of water on monday from all that rain. the one rug is trashed and needs to get out of there, it smells!
zoe has some digestion issues right now so she's been a bit cranky. i feel so bad for her. i'm hoping the latest fix will work in a couple of days and we'll have a happy baby again.
everyone but me is asleep on the couch right now. i'm pretty stressed out with lack of sleep, my parents have to put their dog down, not being at work, a cranky newborn, a rambuctious 4 year old with tons of energy we're having a hard time dissipating, grass in the back is way out of control-i'm depressed to even open the blinds-, an idiot for a dog who just broke our brand new sliding screen door and some other things. i have tension headaches towards the evening. i clench my teeth so tight i have a hard time unlocking my jaw. the middle of my shoulder blades are just burning. i need a massage. i think i just really need some good sleep. i'm pretty bored as well. i have been dying for some adult companionship or something. some friends may stop by tomorrow night, saturday my aunt is having people over for the holiday and who knows what sunday and monday may bring...
fuck. i didn't want to end on a sour note. maybe if i'm motivated i'll get some bike pics and start posting some porn.


ridin' soon?

i'm way too impatient. i just went downstairs to see if i could sit on my bike...did a short loop in the basement. it didn't hurt. w00t! i'm gonna go for a little ride outside, maybe sunday, and see how it feels. don't tell my mom though, she'll freak!
everything is good. i forgot all newborns do is cry, dirty diapers and sleep. zoe is starting to be more awake now, so that's good. we should start to see smiles more often soon. casey is good, but bored with me. next week i'll start walking with her to the park and stuff provided it's not hot as hell.
my sis gave birth to a baby girl tuesday, audrey rae. all is good with them as well.
i don't have much else to chat about. i may hit devil's head with john sunday... hopefully the weather is nice.

zoe boo

reese, audrey, casey n zoe


swallow cliff

john took casey on an offroad adventure to swallow cliffs yesterday. she came home stoked because she had mud on her legs, butt and bike.

eyes open


OMG- i'm so bored...
zoe is good. casey is excited about having a new sister but doesn't understand why she can't play. she's mad she sleeps all the time.
daytime tv blows.
all my cousins went to marios for lunch today. jerks. i wish they would have all come here. i'm dying for some friend conversation. casey is fun, but well she's 4 and john has been too tired for anything. when casey was born friends and family were over all the time. it was exhausting but at the same time nice to talk to people. poor second kids.
my stomach is all squishy, i hate that. i know it's only been a week, but i can't wait to start exercising again. the thought of sitting on a bike isn't as scary as it was early last week, however still intimidating.


bru n boo



short, and well, the outcome was sweet. i started feeling contractions sunday night after 7. they weren't bad at all. consistant for awhile nad then not. i was aware of them all night, but really they weren't anything to write home about. monday morning john was disappointed to get ready for work... i was sitting at the kitchen table answering emails about 7am and POP... WHOOSH... uh oh. water broke, gotta go. rushed casey to my mom's and headed for the hospital. checked in and in a room by 7:30 something... at 9:45am monday morning Zoe Boo made her appearance. she came out sunny side up which made it harder to push her out which led to 4 snips and more than i'd like to know stitches. not to mention that she was 8 lbs 2oz! casey bru was only 6lbs 6 oz. all is well. we were home less than 36 hours later.
my digital camera came in... so i can get some pics.



i'm still pregnant, but it was fun watching the birth of this:

i was hoping the new digital camera would be in today so i could take some better pics... new wheels and stem should be in soon. the digi better be in by then.


is this hell?

it's barely 10 am and it's 90 degrees outside. i feel horrible for john. i'm sure the shop will be at least 120 degrees today. he works in pants and long sleeves. ewhhh. i can't even imagine. i'm sitting on my ass with my feet up working (well not at this second). road prioritization is killing me! i was hoping to have all the DIs hooked up with all the info they needed before i left on maternity leave. not to mention delivery dates for code and ultimate. not so.
john's still a little in a fog from 24/9. he hasn't had a chance to catch up having the rv and all. he was finally able to get it back to storage last night, so hopefully he can relax. not sure he'll be able to knowing there's a look 585 in the basement itching to be built.