i walked out of my house once this weekend. it was just one of those couple days i guess. i didn't even get dressed. hung out in my lounge pants and hoody all weekend. played with the kids and got a head start on spring cleaning- otherwise it won't get done when and if spring arrives...


even better

grainy archives

i started cleaning out the office today and came across a photo box full of old pics. of course going through the photos took precedent over cleaning. i also realized i need a nicer scanner. anyway, most of these are from like 99 and 2000. can you guess which one is from 1993?

i have tons more, but dang... it takes too long to scan.


one mac mind

believe it or not geeking out on the mac has taken over bike geeking for now.
i'm guessing it was able to beat the bike thing because i'm kind of on hold with anything i can do.
essentially i'm just waiting, which is usually what i do this time of year anyway.
eye doc tonight... now i know why my glasses were giving me a headache... they were overcorrected as well as my contact. i just thought my eyes were always funky or dried out. the new contact he gave me sucks too though. it keeps spinning. i envy all you peeps out there who don't need glasses or contacts.



finally got the mac. i decided i couldn't wait any longer and john gave me the go ahead to put it on the cc then take care of it when the tax return finally comes. so we headed out to oakbrook to the apple store to decide imac or macbook. i didn't know which one i wanted. it was a super tough decision. so we made casey make it. she chose the macbook. her reasons- she wanted two mouses. good enough for me. it doesn't matter really... we will get an imac eventually. if we got the imac today, we would have gotten a macbook later. i haven't received a new computer (besides my work pc) in over 7 years.
it's super nice to be able to download stuff and not have to ask the "administrator" permission. at work, we can't even download the latest flash software, we have to have i.t. come do it. lame.
it's been a strange weekend. it has flown by. today i pretty much thought it was saturday all day. friday night consisted of me falling asleep on the couch pretty early. it was casey's bday- she picked taco bell for dinner. we had some cake when we got home. saturday was errand day. it was my aunt's 50th birthday party that night. it was a suprise party and it went pretty well. my cousin't pat's bro's band played the whole night so it was pretty cool. open bar til 11pm. i had two captain and cokes and was super buzzed (in my defense pinner was bartending and she pretty much made them more than half rum, the other kind of half coke). we stayed til around midnight and headed home. it was weird not having the kids.
sunday we went out to breakfast. picked up the kids and went to the apple store. it was frickin' packed! grabbed the goods and headed home. well actually we went to best buy and played around in there for awhile. long story, but the kids aren't with us again tonight, so it's very weird.




me too

casey saw my blog with the pic of zoe and wanted equal time... she felt left out.


farting vampire

that's what zoe is.



yeah. something in the air i think. at least i caught up at work. it was a stressful week. i think i entered like a million dollars worth of product.


rock the 40 oz

fuck. what a week at work. this pretty much ate at me all week. total bummer. meetings, emails, phone calls. i'm so behind now on my actual work it's depressing, so i'm getting even furthur behind telling you all how much it sucks. but, i needed a break from spreadsheet hell.
busy weekend of other people's stuff ahead. john has the tour sunday but he was pretty sick last night, still is today, so he's not sure how he'll feel.


not the king

what a craptacular day at SRAM. it's work from home thursday and pretty much a half day as zoe has a doc appt and casey has her tea party at school.
i don't really have anything meaningful to post other than reminding you to support my friends over at twin six. who doesn't need a cool tee (or three). besides, the robots want you to.

i don't know how it is in your house, but if you don't listen to the robots here you have to deal with the king, his evil twin and their bodyguard.


more twin six

okay i totally don't work for them... but i would have to say twin six is my favorite company in the world right now. it's like i feel totally cool wearing their tees in my basement or out to dinner. mark the 8th on your calendar and go buy some stuff.
team jersey stuff was finalized over the weekend. drawings are into our jersey maker. should have our kits mid-march.
i was just thinking i've got cool shit coming. our kits, bkb kit and some twin six stuff (now i just have to ride more). a maybe on a steel frame to be named later, a custom steel singlespeed 29er with sliding dropouts and dt 240 29er disc wheels. i'll probably be selling a frame/bike or two when this all happens. but i'll try to play the lottery in the meantime so i don't have to.
in other news, john broke his rollers. poor guy. no more playing video games riding no handed on the rollers. gears of war will simply not be as challenging.

zoe digs her spoon

it is a pretty cool green...

sweet tee.



found a headset for the zig. apparently there was one on the workbench the whole time. if you saw our workbench you'd know why i didn't see it. So now my predicament is how to set up the triggers with the levers. i prefer twist shifters by far... however i don't have spare twisters, i have spare triggers. it's funny how everyone has preferences and believe one is superior over the other. my problem i think is the levers (meant to be run with gripshift)- 98 faux carbon 9.0. sweet.

almost done.

cut steerer, brakes, lower swap, cable n housing. there is also an unfixable bad spot in the wheel. i don't remember how bad it was. fingers crossed it's minor. and if i can find a low mount front d, that high clamp thing has gots to go.


built to spill

their cover of cortez the killer live was shuffled as i finished this spicy little suckah (our basement is less than ideal for photos).

next up ziggy 2. i'm missing a super vital piece however- a headset. dang. i thought for sure i had a cane creek here. em-eff-er. the woody makes me smile. i guess i still need to score some linear pulls, a bossed lower, cassette... i'm not a big fan of aluminum bikes anymore, but i've always been really curious about the carbon rear end. plus i couldn't pass up the killer deal. thanks again arleigh for the hook up.

i don't know what it is... but i seem to be having an affair with ti lately... more still on the way.

i was taking the ti brake posts off the sid and was excited that they were ti. i want a ti bike bad, but i need to figure out which wheel size i prefer. 26? 29? the experiment will come summer (fingers crossed).

my do hickey came in. but that's a post for another day. hoping sooner than later.

do you ♥ biker boys?

ooh. i do.

can't wait til the coming soon disappears. i pretty much blame brent and ryan for making me one poor gal.