finally got the mac. i decided i couldn't wait any longer and john gave me the go ahead to put it on the cc then take care of it when the tax return finally comes. so we headed out to oakbrook to the apple store to decide imac or macbook. i didn't know which one i wanted. it was a super tough decision. so we made casey make it. she chose the macbook. her reasons- she wanted two mouses. good enough for me. it doesn't matter really... we will get an imac eventually. if we got the imac today, we would have gotten a macbook later. i haven't received a new computer (besides my work pc) in over 7 years.
it's super nice to be able to download stuff and not have to ask the "administrator" permission. at work, we can't even download the latest flash software, we have to have i.t. come do it. lame.
it's been a strange weekend. it has flown by. today i pretty much thought it was saturday all day. friday night consisted of me falling asleep on the couch pretty early. it was casey's bday- she picked taco bell for dinner. we had some cake when we got home. saturday was errand day. it was my aunt's 50th birthday party that night. it was a suprise party and it went pretty well. my cousin't pat's bro's band played the whole night so it was pretty cool. open bar til 11pm. i had two captain and cokes and was super buzzed (in my defense pinner was bartending and she pretty much made them more than half rum, the other kind of half coke). we stayed til around midnight and headed home. it was weird not having the kids.
sunday we went out to breakfast. picked up the kids and went to the apple store. it was frickin' packed! grabbed the goods and headed home. well actually we went to best buy and played around in there for awhile. long story, but the kids aren't with us again tonight, so it's very weird.


joeyTWOwheels said...

wow. congrats. welcome to the world of worry free computing. mac's rule. i've used only apple products since my first II plus in 1980.

let me know if you need some programs and i'll rip a cd and send it to you guys.

- jd

velogrrl said...

I second that. welcome to the mac world! and you will still have your pc around for the programs that are pc only.

my twin six t-shirts came last week - makes me look forward to t-shirt weather. I hope the blog-inspired orders helped out your friends.

Jason said...

Anothe vote for Macs! Thee best! I wish I could upgrade my home machine too.

I go through the same thing at work. EVERYTHING is outdated, can't updated witout jumping through hoops, real pain in the ass.

Good luck and have fun.