i didn't finish my bikes this weekend. i suck. i still haven't ridden. i suck more.
work tomorrow. boo.


nothin' new. bday party for my cousin's kid today. josh's party tomorrow.
john tackled part of the basement today. i'm hoping to get some minor details on all my bikes (that i ride) done tomorrow morning and get some pics. john's too. they won't be as cute as above, but bike pics are always cool.
john's working on getting his cross bike done. instead of parting out the other one, i need to order some parts when i'm back to work on monday. ewhhh... work.


wanting to scream

i go back to work on monday. i then leave for vegas that wed til fri. i need to get sitters handled, etc. hopefully john's up for both of them. i have mixed feelings about going... i want to check it out, but at the same time it seems too early to leave zoe.
the rig is almost done. the brakelines need to be cut, hopefully that will happen sometime soon. the front brake rubs a little. i may have to have a tech weenie at work check it out. its kinda weird.
the only riding i've done is take casey to the school and do laps around it. this will for sure not have me ready for sheboygan. there doesn't seem to be time for anything and i haven't even started back to work yet. how do other people do it? my guess is they have a better support system.
i'm trying not to be too bummed about it as these ladies are worth it:


oh yeah

the mattress rocks. the delivery was uneventful. it gave me a reason to clean our room though.
i did get this though...

and zoe smiled and talked to us for 2 days...

and now she's back to being gassy and fussy. it's got to be the soy, but do i switch her back? i hate infant poop problems.


no weekend plans really. friday night we grabbed a pizza, it was nice to be out. it was weird not having casey with us. she was playing dress up with reese at my mom's house.

we went to pick her up and visited with audrey for a few.

she's like a little elf, so cute. her arms are super long.
saturday we ran a bunch of errands. we hit the mall and the mattress store to buy a much needed mattress. i can't wait. i love john n all but it sucks meeting in the middle of the bed every night. john and casey headed to duke's that evening.

it's funny. casey loves old cars. john has never pushed her, she just does. she plays with matchbox cars all day and loves seeing all the old muscle cars. her faves are corvettes, which even funnier happens to be the car john likes the least.
it was an evening to put in the record books though. john took the trans am to bring casey to duke's. she was so excited.

i was bummed i missed it but rage was ready to wake up and eat and he was on a time constraint. no biggee, hopefully since he brought it out he'll be more up for taking it out again.
sunday was just as uneventful. we hit lume's for some breakfast and then ran another errand. back home we picked up casey's room. it was so bad we still aren't done yet.
if you think this was exciting wait til tomorrow when i blog about getting the mattress delivered.
john leaves for cheq on friday... i wish i were going, but i'll miss casey n rage. not being able to ride would be a wasted trip for me anyway.


2 up front 3 in the back

so cliche- a bit rusty to say the least.
heart racing, legs and lungs burning, mouth wide open, sweat on my brow... all this before i even hit the trailhead.
it was my first off road adventure since october of last year. it was everything i expected and less than i had hoped.
i left the house shortly after john got home. i took the spot as the sycip is still buried and my other bikes are missing something. it felt pretty good. i rolled down into the trail. it was a little wetter than expected. most of the trail was dry, but there were spots that were pretty slick. i headed down and hit racoon alley. it wasn't too bad. i was super cautious between the trees and the roots. shortly after jill's ledge i started climbing up the steep entrance and was surprised that i wasn't going to make it. i blame clogged tires to a point, but if i attacked it in an easier gear other than what i rode it "last year" i woulda make it. anyway, i started to roll backwards and missed grabbing a tree and tumbled down doing a couple somersaults before coming to a hault. got back up and continued. i don't think this was a confidence killer, but i was definitely surprised. i had to be conscious of speed- i was super sketchy. its so hard to not go hard. i didn't have any more stumbles... but i had a mistimed log, hit the brakes hard in corners, couldn't keep the front wheel pointed in a straight line at times. i was just tired and rusty. the logs got better as i rode. they turned out to be no biggee. fatigue at this point would have played more of a roll if i had missed one.
i didn't go far. just the mesa trail. i didn't even ride the unparallel big log. on the way back i did a couple of hard efforts just to gain some confidence. i could hit it hard for a few moments but couldn't sustain it at all. on the way back i pulled the ultimate rookie mistake and looked at the finger type branch down handing over the trail and it totally grabbed me. it did this to my bottle cage.

if i was left handed i might think about leaving it. it was pretty easy to grab.
i rode the majority of the mesa 2 up front and 3 in the back, last year i rode it 2 up front and 7 or 8 in the back.
i arrived home a little more tired than i thought i would be. my neck is also pretty sore from my acrobatics down the hill. i shouldn't be too disappointed. it'll come back fast. its only been 4 weeks since i pushed rage out.
it was funny riding. all these thoughts were racing through my head and what i thought about most was what i'd write in my blog. i had all these good thoughts, and now i've totally forgotten all of them. i don't see myself bringing a note pad out with me though.



omg. now i can't wait to ride. i'm dying. tomorrow... i'll talk to john tonight. maybe my mom will sit and he can come with.


since when

i took the spot and s.a.s.s. out on sunday. nothing big. just rode to my mom's house, once to drop casey off and then again to pick up some buns for some sausage on the grill. it was fun to be back on the bike even if only for a short time. i was planning on hitting the mesa on monday but it fucking rained. it'll be like this forever now that i feel like i'd like to ride.
i lost most of my "baby fat" right away, within a week i went from 166 to 138. my normal weight is about 131. so only a few pounds to go, but the jiggliness... ick! i need to start the crunches asap! it'll come in time, i actually am not that upset about it. after i had casey i think i had like 3 chins for the few months after.
zoe is feeling a lot better. we have a happy pooping baby again.
my maternity leave end is fast approaching. i have mixed feelings. i love work, mainly for the people i work with... but its harder i think to leave two. this time feels harder. i think about how i'm gone from 7 am til almost 7pm it seems. i need to fix that. i don't think i can do that anymore.
i am kind of kept in the loop at work. there's some drama with trek/bontrager am stuff. totally fucking ridiculous. i wish i could speak my mind on this here, but i don't know who reads it and i don't want to get myself or anyone else in trouble. the lack of communication (or maybe we can say lack of competence) with some people really pisses me off.
no plans for the week or weekend at this point. hopefully it dries up. no race this weekend- i don't think anyway. maybe i can plan a ride for here.

game face

don't let the pretty butterfly fool you.