no weekend plans really. friday night we grabbed a pizza, it was nice to be out. it was weird not having casey with us. she was playing dress up with reese at my mom's house.

we went to pick her up and visited with audrey for a few.

she's like a little elf, so cute. her arms are super long.
saturday we ran a bunch of errands. we hit the mall and the mattress store to buy a much needed mattress. i can't wait. i love john n all but it sucks meeting in the middle of the bed every night. john and casey headed to duke's that evening.

it's funny. casey loves old cars. john has never pushed her, she just does. she plays with matchbox cars all day and loves seeing all the old muscle cars. her faves are corvettes, which even funnier happens to be the car john likes the least.
it was an evening to put in the record books though. john took the trans am to bring casey to duke's. she was so excited.

i was bummed i missed it but rage was ready to wake up and eat and he was on a time constraint. no biggee, hopefully since he brought it out he'll be more up for taking it out again.
sunday was just as uneventful. we hit lume's for some breakfast and then ran another errand. back home we picked up casey's room. it was so bad we still aren't done yet.
if you think this was exciting wait til tomorrow when i blog about getting the mattress delivered.
john leaves for cheq on friday... i wish i were going, but i'll miss casey n rage. not being able to ride would be a wasted trip for me anyway.


mountaingoat said...

I'm still waiting to hear about the new mattress