in the pink

yikes... the ice is falling now. snow soon. i wonder if we'll get as much snow as they are hyping? 3 inches, 6 inches, a foot... doesn't matter. it all sucks. if i lived on or near a mountain, i might think differently, my snowboard would at least get to play for once. its probably gonna be the heavy wet snow, at least it'll be a workout shoveling it. or i'll throw my back out.


my car door cracked from the ice while opening it. sucks. i hate winter.



i swear i blogged something from work today. apparently it was a dream. the weather is turning to crap as we speak. my drive home today i thought about my layering system and what i'd wear on my next ride. brrr... i get the chills just thinking about it.
i have tons of things i want to do this weekend... i want to change up the sycip or spot big time (haven't decided which yet). but i need to find the time. not sure i can. friday night we are taking casey to see the hawks. she still wants to be a rockstar but might want to be a hockey player. saturday is hayden's bday party. it starts at 12:30, so if i get up early perhaps i can get busy on it. sunday is the last chicago cross race. sram will have a big tent there (i hope its heated). i have lots of stuff i need to order but it won't happen before the holidays. i'd ask for it for xmas, but its hard asking for something when i get the deal.



have you ever been truly upset about something and it takes all of your adultness out of you to get over it when really you just want to be mad about it forever... and then you are pretty much over it and then somebody comes and rubs it in again? ughhh. i'm going for a walk.



can you believe this weather!!! holy crap. i love it. i wish i could totally ditch work and get a ride in. hmmm... maybe hmmm, i may pack the bike up and go tomorrow. watch, it'll rain. (i try to be optimistic really, but sometimes i just have to prepare myself)
the weekend was okay but ended on a shitter. the only ride i was able to get was a couple laps around the golf course on my road bike. my stomach still aches because i wasn't able to get out on a mountain bike sunday.
i miss music. i remember in like college days and a couple years after i was always subjected to new music. now as i get further and further away from those years i don't seem to have any way of hearing that cool new band or cool old band or whatever. i feel like my collection is stale. i'm completely bored with it. does anybody have any suggestions? i could really use some fresh stuff.
i have my eyes on a new macbook. i want this before any new bike or part. my laptops are sooo outdated. i've been relying on my work computer and that just sucks.
i went blog reading this afternoon and was disappointed by the lack of updates, but then i had to look at my blog and realize i suck at updates too.
it's 10 pm and i'm going to bed.


so pissed

one guess.



rode the rig. i knew it was overgeared for my weak ass self, but i didn't care. had fun anyway. had to stop twice to puke... ended up taking off my wool shirt and was fine. i was way overheated. i learn this lesson usually once a year. i haven't had many opportunities to learn this season. took off the jersey and it was MUCH better. didn't ride much due to the having to puke... but dhiraj and i caught up a bit- we hadn't talked in awhile. he wasn't feeling too well either, we took turns holding each others hair. we laughed about him still having the picture of me knocked out cold after we thought i broke my neck out at the mesa. i'll have to scan that pic.
speaking of pictures... i don't have one from the ride today because i left my camera on the front seat of the car! another point for dumbass. hopefully someone from the ride will post 'em at work on monday.
i went through all the sale papers and nothing is calling my name to deal with black friday. john had heard somewhere that some place was going to have the lcd tv we've had our eye on, but can't find it. i think he was dreaming.
anyway, i'm babbling at this point. turkey day was good. ride, family, more family, good food and pie. i love pie with cool whip. i'm sitting her super pissed at myself for not bringing a piece home with me. dammit.


gobble gobble

rumor has it that stan, the prez of this awesome component maker might show up for the annual turkey day ride out at palos. should be fun. i was all freakin' out about not being able to participate in a group ride because i have absolutely no fitness. then i found out that some of the srammies will be bringing their kids. sramtastic. as long as they aren't as fast as jay's kid i'll be fine. now for the most major decison of the week- which bike?

zoe got her first tooth! its about time... she was losing like a gallon of saliva per hour.



i'm on the expressway heading for the outbound ryan. one of the lanes ends after all the entrances in the city end, essentially right at the circle interchange. i'm speeding in the lane next to this. some asshole comes shootin' up in the lane that ends (i see him in my mirror). so i speed even more so he can't cut me off. so then he shoots behind me and then off into the other lane and continues to be a dick by weaving in and out of traffic. now is it just me or do you hope that fucker hits a concrete barrier too? it is this exact person that takes a perfectly moving expressway and turns it into a clusterfuck when he makes my wish come true.
on a lighter note i got home early today. not necessarily great circumstances, my gram has pneumonia so couldn't watch my kids. but not horrible circumstances either, she's at home probably eating ice cream or something.
the tv can be an awesome sitter sometimes...


moms rule

the damn ryan is under construction. my usual 40-60 minute commute has turned into on average 1 hr and 40 minutes. yes, that's right i'm in a coffin for over 3 hours a day. its starting to take its toll. i feel like i'm going to have a breakdown. i don't think if you don't commute you can comprehend how horrible this is. my mom rules because on tuesday she was at my house watching the girls. her house was all smelly from having her hardwood floors done. i came home tuesday night at 5:30 (i left early at 4) to hot rice, chicken breast, green beans and biscuits hot off the stove/oven. we ate dinner on a weeknight before 7:30pm. i can't put into words how nice this was.
i also blame the suckiness of my blog as of late due to my commute. work is busy (i actually started a lull yesterday) so no time there... and getting home after 6:30, having to make dinner, make sure homework is done, dinner and other house chores like laundry have to be done... blogging just hasn't been a priority. i have tons of stuff to bitch about, but none are appropriate for a public blog.
i planned on going for a ride after work today. i left work at 4:30 and was home after 6. still dark, but i could ride and still be home. it wasn't raining in the city, but as i got closer to home, it was pouring. dang.
i'll get out there! but still i need to set up the gulp trainer just so i can get some form of exercize!
this weekend is the last weekend before the holiday shopping rush. thanksgiving is proving to be its usual pain in the ass self trying to share ourselves with both families. i'm not sure if i would have it any other way though.
zoe is finally starting to be more than just a lump. casey is going on 5 body wise, but attitude, man, she's heading for teenager.
sun prairie is this weekend. kind of a long haul for a cross race with two kids.


bite me

i'm too crabby to blog.


no will power

the amount of candy in this house right now is absoulutely ridiculous...

i so will not resist. i just can't.