i swear i blogged something from work today. apparently it was a dream. the weather is turning to crap as we speak. my drive home today i thought about my layering system and what i'd wear on my next ride. brrr... i get the chills just thinking about it.
i have tons of things i want to do this weekend... i want to change up the sycip or spot big time (haven't decided which yet). but i need to find the time. not sure i can. friday night we are taking casey to see the hawks. she still wants to be a rockstar but might want to be a hockey player. saturday is hayden's bday party. it starts at 12:30, so if i get up early perhaps i can get busy on it. sunday is the last chicago cross race. sram will have a big tent there (i hope its heated). i have lots of stuff i need to order but it won't happen before the holidays. i'd ask for it for xmas, but its hard asking for something when i get the deal.


Arleigh said...

The deal.

That's awesome