I headed out there today and it's


Who wants to come ride?


It's Monday

I just had 3 Oreos and I feel like crap. They tasted good though. It is possible that I feel like crap from the 10 (big) swedish fish I ate prior. Who knows.
I still haven't been to Palos. I'm slowly going insane.
To ward off the insanity awhile longer I made sure John was up for alone time with the girls and I headed to the Mad FORCs dirt retreat.
I had no idea what to expect. I honestly didn't care. I just wanted to hang out with people with my mountain bike.
I left a bit after 5:30am. I pulled into the Blackhawk Ski Area at about 8:50am. There were some women I've met before and some I've seen before and well, some I've never seen before.
For most of the day we rode and worked on skills. In the last group I was in we were with Alison Dunlap. I love her. I've met her a couple times and I am just so impressed by her every day down-to-earth-ness. Anyway, it was pretty cool.
Saturday night I wasn't sure what my plan was. Camp? Go to Amelia's and risk full blown allergy asthma attack (she has 2 very long haired cats)? or go to Holly's?
When Amelia left earlier than I wanted to I knew that option was out (or maybe not, she was just a phone call away). Then it didn't seem like anyone was camping so I took Holly up on her offer to crash there. Which in turn made a lot of sense and worked out well as we decided instead of heading back to the ski area we were hitting Kettle.
The hour drive to Holly's house after a long day of being on the bike seemed like it took FOREVER! I was relieved when my clock in the car was close to the time on my gps. I was even more relieved when I turned the key off. I was so done driving.
Headed inside and got a quick shower in. Holly and I chatted for what was probably over an hour about the day.
Next thing I know I hear Holly's dog freaking out, fell asleep again and woke up about 2 hours later. Grabbed some pancakes and coffee and got ready for Kettle.
I didn't realize how worked I was from the day before until I started moving around. My arms were sore, my lower back and my thighs were aching.
At Kettle we all headed out to ride everything but Emma. Which ordinarily I might've whined about not doing Emma, but my legs were screaming. I knew it'd be rough making it back after doing the Emma climbs with my legs as tired as they were. Not to mention I wasn't prepared food-wise.
The ride was pretty uneventful but fun. I started hungry which never works out for me. We stopped after the climbing on the blue loop to have a bite and then headed out again.
I was seriously hungry the whole day. I just felt like I was on empty. Still though, I had a really good time. I'm happy to be bruised and scratched. Although I could really do without the bruise on my knee from endo-ing in that deep sand section after the pines. My glasses were too dark for that section and I didn't see where it went. By the time I realized it the sand had taken me too far left... I tried to correct (turning your wheel in sand to correct your position is a bad move, and I know this, but still.). Instead of correcting, my bike came to a dead stop and flipped me over into the woods. But not before I hit my knee on something. Good to get the crashes out of the way early in the season (Yes, this is early for me this year. Fucking rain.).
Eau Claire is this weekend. I don't even want to think about the drive.

*pic stolen from britt



it's been a yawn fest.

Tonight John is headed into the city with Casey and some of the neighbor kids just as I'm heading out. The Dew tour is happening (along with the Taste). It should be a great night of people watching.
I'm hoping I can get someone to watch Zoe for a few so I can get a ride in as well as pack for tomorrow.
I need to make a list of what to bring. Not to mention wash my mountain bike. And not forget to lube the chain.

I'd like to take a nap right about now. Not sure if it's the weather or what, I just feel so blah and exhausted.



I've got nothing but complaints about not being off-road.
I won't complain that it's hot as hell outside. Or that humidity is a bitch. What I really can't stand about the humidity right now is it's doing nothing to help the trails dry. 40% chance for thunderstorms on Thursday which definitely won't help.
Next week looks good if you believe the forecast that far in advance, which I do not. However I can't help but be hopeful.
Now to figure out my weekend. I'd like to get out of here as I'm 99% certain there will be no off road riding here.


blah... blah blah

Friday night we headed up to Kenosha for John's cousin Jack's wedding.
Meh, I have no desire to type up my whole weekend.
I had an awesome time with the girls is pretty much what happened. It was nice to not have anything to worry about. We ran around, swam and danced. Good times.

I haven't been to Palos since, I think, last October. It's depressing to say the least.



FUCK this weather.


Palos Meltdown

I'll probably be pimping this race for the next couple weeks or so.
It of course conflicts with a WORS race.
I'm all about WORS so it bums me when the local race conflicts with one of their races, because I'd love for new people to come check it out some time.
If you're itching to do something new, come check it out. The course will be rad. It will be a different and fun experience.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Not only is the rain fucking up riding it's messing with my commute. IT'S JUST RAIN PEOPLE!!!

the rain...

it sucks.


the wind...

Sometimes I forget about it even though I can't ride in a straight line or struggle to keep my speed at 15mph. And then when I'm so tired and thinking that I better not go any further (because I might not make it back) I turn around and am like "Oh, the wind."



After the shower today I suited up for a bike ride. Grabbed my road bike.
I felt awful. I feel like my bikes don't fit right now. It's so strange.
Taking the road bike out today I was super uncomfortable. I hated it. My left hip and quad hurt, my right knee hurt. I felt like I wasn't even on my bike. I have absolutely no power whatsoever.
I can't seem to even get comfortable on my mtb. At 9 mile I didn't feel at home on it. So the other day I played with height and fore/aft. I'm not sure if it'll work out until I get off-road.
I came back from an hour ride today and seriously feel like I'm going to pass out. My body is super tired. I don't know if I'm depressed or what? I mean, I know I'm pissy about the weather and trail conditions, but is it really affecting me that much?


Weird chores. I'm so unorganized right now.
Casey took a header on a skateboard yesterday. Her nose and upper lip are all scraped up.
We saw UP. Very cute. I laughed, I cried.
I went for about a 45 minute ride last night as it seemed to be the only time to squeeze it in (it rained most of the day). I felt slow and wasn't even having fun.
It's mid-June and I haven't been to Palos ONCE. I've been to the mesa for real twice. Both times it was slick n muddy.
Zoe is a riot. At the moment she's on the toilet singing a song about her dad.
Casey is still in bed.
The forecast is 75 and sunny today. I need to get ready for a wedding shower in a few.
Ugh. Then when I get home I really really need to go for a ride longer than 45 minutes.
Just to stay sane really.
It's so weird to be mid-June and the only bike rides with people I've been on really were my two early Kettle trips. It totally sucks. To not have been to Palos yet this year is hard to accept. I'm crossing my fingers that the rain and cold are over.


oh sweet

No rides. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. Sunday I have a wedding shower.
My weekend is shaping up to be kick ass already.
I'm all pissy about it now, but we'll make the best of it. We'll see UP at some point. That should be fun. Perhaps find some time to hit Waterfall Glen.

ETA: So far so good. Slightly after midnight I went to move Zoe off our bed. She had peed. First time in weeks and no, she wasn't wearing a pull up. And then just as I'm cleaning up the bed, the dog pukes on the floor.


Some people...

There are seriously some people on the interweb that make me want to vomit. That or I ate way too many redvines.
And did I bitch about the weather yet today? Well, it's long overdue. It's June 11th and it's not even 60 degrees, not to mention it's been pouring outside all day. I'm so annoyed, it's totally unacceptable.
*WARNING... fangirl moment ahead
Happy 50th Birthday to the dude in my icon.

And Casey just ate 4 pieces of toast. How'd she fit it? I don't think she's wider than 4 pieces of toast.



I'm so tired of no sun and RAIN. It's making me crabby. I'm trying not to think about it, but we can't even go outside with the kids. If it were warm and rainy we could. If it were cold and dry we could. Sucks.
Not sure what's in store for the weekend. I'd like to hit the WEMS race Saturday since I'm sure it'll rain down here (even though it says chance- it will). However, I'd like to stay home a weekend. Next weekend we'll be gone for a wedding. What to do...


I &hearts 9-Mile

I love riding at 9-Mile. The rocky singletrack is the bomb. So is the twisty rooty stuff. So I was a little bummed that I woke up feeling not so hot. Every time I stood up I felt naceous. Not to mention that it was cold and very wet outside.
I knew I'd regret not racing so I suited up and headed to warm up.
I was rocking the Medusas. First time ever.
Don said Gooo and I didn't feel too horrible. And then I did. I felt like I was going backwards. I didn't worry too much about it considering I didn't feel good and I was happy to be out there. Still though it was a race and you can't help but want to do your best.
I passed a few peeps right before the first singletrack and then passed a few in the singletrack. Headed out on the multi-track I felt unusually slow. I was thinking how the hell could these tires be that slow? First high speed turn I realized I was riding a flat. DUH. Of course I didn't have my CO2. Last year that was on my bike every time I rode. This year, I keep forgetting. I won't next race. Anyway I had to nurse myself through the open sections and the singletrack. The tire just kept getting lower and lower. I couldn't even sit down. Meh. I pretty much figured I'd pull out at the end of the first lap.
I was sort of bummed as I love riding there. And then someone gave me a CO2. Sweet. So I filled it up and went out for lap 2.
The tire kept losing air the whole ride, but it held up for the most part. Much better than the 1st lap anyway.

I think I was 8th age and 19th or something overall.
I did have a good time regardless, however when I think back on results there is a part of me that can't help but be a little bummed. I have to quickly remind myself I had a lot of fun.
Switching gears, I can't walk right now. I don't know if it was from standing the 1st lap or what. Like I strained my muscle? The cold temps I'm sure didn't help it. My left leg keeps giving out on me when I bend it to step forward.
There were some other mishaps going on for me this weekend which just add up and make it just not my day. But they are things that, well, aren't appropriate for the public to read. Believe me, you'll thank me for not sharing.
No Mt. Morris for us. John's cousin Jack is getting married on the Saturday of our one and only Saturday race. So next up is Eau Claire. Hopefully I'll get some riding in between...

*pic taken from mg


For real?

First off the Rhinelander event was top notch. Toilets everywhere, camping on-site, concessions, everything well marked, etc. However, I hated the course. I appreciate that there are courses that I'm not going to like because they don't "cater" to my strong points, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
Pre-ride on Saturday started with me following Jay and John. John ditched us and Jay and I rode to the split. I was absolutely bummed about how long the lead out was. I suck in the opens. SUCK. The fact I hadn't ridden in 2 weeks made it suck more.
I didn't even like really like the singletrack. I was so anaerobic and it was so bumpy I just could care less. I seriously felt like it was 10% singletrack and 90% open. I know this probably wasn't the case, but I can't remember one part of the course I enjoyed or looked forward to. Okay, maybe the bridges and the plywood, that was cool.
Sunday morning I suited up in my METAL kit and went on the longest pre-ride I think I've ever done. I then went and chit chatted with anyone I could find.
After Don said Goooo I was sitting in 4th position which really surprised the crap out of me. I didn't think I could hold it til the singletrack but I was sure going to try. And then somebody hit the nice hole or dip or whatever on the dirt road climb and lost all momentum causing a few of us to get "caught up". I don't think anybody went down, but having to stop going balls out during the lead out is not a good thing. Everyone went by us like they were shot out of a gun. Getting started again with my heart in my throat was brutal and then actually moving again with my heart in my mouth was even more brutal.
I honestly don't remember much except for Ann telling me to go ahead in the singletrack. Thanks ANN! But she was rocking it as well. She wanted to pull me in the open, but I seriously was drooling on my top tube and there was no way.
I don't remember anything else on that lap except all the open. I was annoyed, but tried not to be. I decided to just go for a bike ride and make the most of it. I saw Ann once in awhile and a couple of us girls were going back n forth.
Heading out on my second lap I was almost like fuck it. I wasn't going to quit or anything, but just drop down a couple of gears so I could breath and maybe sing to myself. I had a Pink song in my head (shut up) and really wanted to hear it.
And then Megan cruised on up behind me. WTF, I thought she was way ahead? Anyway, Megan pushed me back into race mode and I wanted to ride with her. She stuck with me pretty much the whole way back. I ended up seeing Ann on one of the long roads just as we were going to enter the boardwalk singletrack. I caught her but knew I'd have nothing left to stay with her in the open. Catching her almost was a victory in itself. I even smiled.
The weekend wasn't awful though. Saturday when we got there we hung out at the beach with the girls. They rode their bikes a little bit and ended up playing with Jeff while John and I rode.
After pre-riding we took them to the hotel, grabbed some food and went swimming at the hotel. It was a pretty big pool and we had it and the hot tub all to ourselves! So that was awesome! Probably the highlight of the weekend. There's nothing like seeing your kids smile for so long there cheeks probably ache, not to mention the infectious giggles.
Sunday being race day I'm not going to win mom of the year, but after racing and meeting up with Barb it was fun being water girls and cheering everyone on while the girls decorated the small cabin or whatever was being built out there. Even if it had a bit of a blair witch vibe.
Big thanks to everyone who helps out with the girls. I can't thank all of them enough. These weekends wouldn't be near as fun if it weren't for them.
Next weekend Wausau!!! I'm never consistent at 9-mile but I always have a blast no matter what.

p.s. Hopefully I'll be able to steal photos from someone (at this point later today).