Some people...

There are seriously some people on the interweb that make me want to vomit. That or I ate way too many redvines.
And did I bitch about the weather yet today? Well, it's long overdue. It's June 11th and it's not even 60 degrees, not to mention it's been pouring outside all day. I'm so annoyed, it's totally unacceptable.
*WARNING... fangirl moment ahead
Happy 50th Birthday to the dude in my icon.

And Casey just ate 4 pieces of toast. How'd she fit it? I don't think she's wider than 4 pieces of toast.


Ben said...

Do you have any white bread ma'am?
I'll have some toasted white bread please.
You want butter or jam on that, honey?
No ma'am, dry.

spicyride said...

Do you have any fried chicken ma'am?