oh sweet

No rides. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. Sunday I have a wedding shower.
My weekend is shaping up to be kick ass already.
I'm all pissy about it now, but we'll make the best of it. We'll see UP at some point. That should be fun. Perhaps find some time to hit Waterfall Glen.

ETA: So far so good. Slightly after midnight I went to move Zoe off our bed. She had peed. First time in weeks and no, she wasn't wearing a pull up. And then just as I'm cleaning up the bed, the dog pukes on the floor.


Noel said...

Hah!! I know it's not nice to think you having to clean up pee and puke is funny, but it is. Probably since it's an all too familiar situation for us.

spicyride said...

No, it's totally funny. Not while it's happening of course. Well, it is, it's just hard finding the humor in the moment.