John, me and the mesa

So I did make it out to the mesa yesterday. Much later than I thought though.
John ended up riding with me. I felt sort of off. I wrote it off to not having been on a mountain bike in awhile, that time and just tiredness in general. I also need brake pads dearly.

There's a new bridge out there on the middle finger. I wussed. John even offered to spot me and I still wussed. I don't know what my deal was, but that sucker is mine when I'm out there next... I think.

Anyway, it was a short ride. I didn't ask my mom to watch the kids so we were pushing it time wise. Good thing too as the skies looked pretty angry as we rode home.

Today I went to work for what I hoped to be a half day. Turned out being a full day. I was hoping for a light week since every body is in Vegas, however it's been turning out to be the busiest week in recent memory.


We interrupt this mountain bike season

to bring you cross.
Yep, that's right. Hell froze over. I raced my 2nd ever cross race.
I had a good time. I was on a bike, how could I not?
52 women started with me on Sunday. I finished 10th.

above image stolen from ©Edmund White

I'm ditching work here in a few to go for a mountain bike ride. It's been awhile.





I left my laptop at work Wednesday night; so after Casey went to school Zoe and I headed out to go get it.

Zoe wanted to stay for a bit so I was able to get some work done there... which isn't that interesting in itself, however we were there long enough for the UPS dude to have dropped off some goods for me.

My day was just so off. Not having my laptop, then being at work, then a conference call. It doesn't seem like a big deal but I was thrown off and had a hard time getting into a groove.

I ended up riding for a short time when John got home. Sucks that it gets dark so fast. At least I had something to look forward to when I got home.

My Ultimate Shorties and tires come in tomorrow. 17.01 lbs with Rival and WTB 38 tires.




OH, HAI THERE RAGWEED. It's been awhile.

My cold is dwindling only to be replaced by allergies.
I hate allergies.

I want to ride my bike kickass tomorrow on singletrack, so please cold and allergies, not to be rude, but seriously GTFO.

New frame coming on Wed (*crosses fingers, no pun intended). I think all I need is a crank and front derailleur. I should make a list. I love lists.

Here's an awesome picture.


Friday Night.


The long *ss weekend

Heading out Friday night I thought for sure the mesa would be wet. I half-heartedly headed out on the paved path. When I came up to the steel bridge I noticed how dry the singletrack was. It meant one thing, the mesa is dry. I'll admit to being very surprised at how great conditions were. Not one wet spot. Perfect actually.
On my way back home from my ride my phone rang. It was Ben Popper. He and a few others wanted to give the mesa a shot Saturday morning if I was up for being a tour guide.
When I got home I called my mom up right away and asked if she wouldn't mind watching the girls. Being the good sport she is, she agreed.
Mike, Ben, Brandon, Dave, Al, Paolo, John and I headed out around 8am. It's been a long time since I've been chilled on a bike ride. Once we got into the woods, it ended up being perfect. Well until Dave had a chainring mishap on the first hill... John ended up towing him back to our house and gave him th3ocon's bike.
It was a good ride. I don't think I've ever ridden Sublime that fast the second time around. I'm sure John's challenge had a bit to do with it...
Sunday we headed up to the Klugs. John and Kevin headed out to the Kettles while Holly and I gossiped while hiking and hanging out with the girls. When John and Kevin came back, Holly and I headed out to Emma. We rode Emma and the connector. It was my first time on Emma since they re-did the trails, I approve big time. I think it may actually be one of my favorite sections. However I think the connector on the way out from Emma still rates pretty darn high. Another good ride. When we were done it was brats and frog hunting.
Monday I headed out to Palos to participate in the women's only Half Acre ride. There were about 14 of us, I think. We ended up in groups. It turned out to be another great day on the bike. Fabulous weather, good company, fun trails, we saw a dude endo spectacularly on dynamite road and then a dude puking on three ravines. Nice.
My weekend ended with a beautiful breeze coming through the doors while I sat on the couch drinking a beer watching Phineas and Ferb. Awesome.
This coming weekend has a lot to live up to. It's at a disadvantage already seeing as it'll be a day short. I am however looking forward to seeing some WORS peeps. Last time was Eau Claire, I think.




Meet Fucker Log

aka Rachael's log. It was named after me because the first time I went over it I almost broke my neck. I crashed off it and knocked myself unconscious. 4 years later I rode it again, successfully, many times.

I am never riding this again as most of you know, because I crashed going the other way a couple weeks ago. Fucker.
I'm bitter about it.

No, I didn't try it again, but clearly you can see I'm not over it.

It's weird looking at it, you may not think much of it. It's a veritable beast, however.
You may ride it once and be like this isn't hard at all, and then 10 times after, but one day... it will get you. Don't say I didn't warn you.