Meet Fucker Log

aka Rachael's log. It was named after me because the first time I went over it I almost broke my neck. I crashed off it and knocked myself unconscious. 4 years later I rode it again, successfully, many times.

I am never riding this again as most of you know, because I crashed going the other way a couple weeks ago. Fucker.
I'm bitter about it.

No, I didn't try it again, but clearly you can see I'm not over it.

It's weird looking at it, you may not think much of it. It's a veritable beast, however.
You may ride it once and be like this isn't hard at all, and then 10 times after, but one day... it will get you. Don't say I didn't warn you.


bmxmtbfam said...

I know the feeling. I punched a tree years back on the blue at south kettle and broke 3 fingers and still to this day I get a weird nervous feeling in that section and the trail has been rerouted around it.