CBG and the flu

casey bru turned 4 yesterday. i was too sick to enjoy it with her. i had the flu. the head and throw up flu. ughhh... i haven't been that sick in a long time. i still don't feel the greatest today but at least i can lift my head up. i can't take anything to mask my symptoms either.
i hope to do something for casey this weekend. take her for a fun lunch and buy her a little fish and stuff. she wants a fish to name it nemo.
nothing new. just waiting for august. john's riding in the tour still. next race i think is next sunday. julie, doug n ryder come in from cali next week. ryder is walking now so he and casey can create some chaos.
we're suppose to make plans to hit marios. yum. can't wait.
sea otter plans are up in the air. it's up to john, see if he can get the time off. i'd like to go up early and hang with the calhouns and possibly the bos'. we'll bring casey with us this time. i can't ride anyway, so at least i'll have company. she'll enjoy it a lot i'd imagine.


4 birthdays

casey's bday party was this past saturday. she'll be 4 this thursday. time flies.
they grow so fast, yet i feel like i've had her forever.
50 people, over 100 pcs of chicken and 2 full sheets of ice cream cake later, i'm exhausted.


A-HA... some blog fun


creepyfriendly, boywhore, this guy and ronsta? but i don't think ron has a 29er... or does/will he?


da tour

since i can't ride in the tour this year... we have crits in the basement.


oil happy

so I was late, as usual, went to get gas… as i was filling up i went inside to get a slushy (my craving) and the nozzle’s shut off valve didn’t work! so 23.00 worth of gas on the ground!
i will never walk away again. the attendant was like it says you have to stay by your car while pumping… i was like maybe, but your shutoff valve needs to work. even if i had been standing there the shutoff valve still wouldn’t have worked, i just wouldn’t have lost so much cash!
i pump gas like twice a week, i always make sure the nozzle is in there, blah blah blah.
then I had to get my car washed, another $6.
now this is when it got real bad, as i was driving i took a drink of my lime green slushy (my fave) and it's fucking green apple!
fuck today.