oil happy

so I was late, as usual, went to get gas… as i was filling up i went inside to get a slushy (my craving) and the nozzle’s shut off valve didn’t work! so 23.00 worth of gas on the ground!
i will never walk away again. the attendant was like it says you have to stay by your car while pumping… i was like maybe, but your shutoff valve needs to work. even if i had been standing there the shutoff valve still wouldn’t have worked, i just wouldn’t have lost so much cash!
i pump gas like twice a week, i always make sure the nozzle is in there, blah blah blah.
then I had to get my car washed, another $6.
now this is when it got real bad, as i was driving i took a drink of my lime green slushy (my fave) and it's fucking green apple!
fuck today.


Jimmie said...

User error. This is why women shouldn't be allowed to pump gas.