two mtb rides this weekend. wow, i am so out of shape. i thought i was in a bit better shape than i am. oh well. i'm not going to dwell on it. there's nothing i can do about it except keep riding.
i impaled my right ass cheek on a small stump today. the same fall also put a nice scratch and bruise on the other cheek. sitting requires a lot of thought. my right side hurts so bad i can feel it in my thigh and lower back... i wonder if i hit some kind of nerve or something. all i know is it hurts. sitting, driving, pedaling and walking is uncomfortable. i was stopped on a hill waiting for brad to put his chain back on... as i got back on the rider in front of me didn't get on so i had to stop, i started to go back a bit and didn't get out of my clip in time. rookie. i hope it feels better tomorrow. sorry, no pics of my white and purple ass.
i can't seem to get the spot to fit right. i've been fine with it, but real offroad has made it feel like crap. i've got a week to figure it out.
i broke my little orange digitial camera. not even a year old. the screen is shattered in the back. it still takes photos but you can't see what the heck yer taking a photo of. i always buy the plans for items like this. i don't know why i didn't with this one. must have been pregnancy brain... anyway, i got a replacement yesterday. it's not as thin, but it's still small and light. i think i like the features better so far. i think i just like canons best.
i finally went to the grocery store today... not having any food to eat when we got back from the ride was the final straw. i didn't realize how much we use milk. i hate grocery shopping. especially on a weekend afternoon. it is pretty nice to have food in the house again.


4 frames

loads of stuff on the way... some old some new.
the next month should be busy.
this weekend is looking to be pretty sweet. 70s! no rain in the forecast til then (knocking on wood).
hopefully the winchester sent out that seatclamp...
gathering of parts continues. lots of stuff rolling in. it's kind of overwhelming.
i need to get more parts "out". i'll post a list of stuff i have at some point, see if anyone is interested. if not, hopefully some ebayer is.



long day on the bike today. raccoon eyes and small block of sunburn on the only exposed part of my legs as proof.
john and i both had some vacation time we had to burn up before we lost it. we took today and friday off. today was for us and friday is for the kids. will hit the shedd aquarium to see the komodo finally. casey will be stoked for sure.

the new owner of the sycip. hope he enjoys and doesn't grow out of it too fast.



i was jonesing to get off road today. i packed up and headed to swallow cliffs. i know the singletrack would be in no condition, but i figured the gravel paths would be doable. they were. the section from 107th to the tobaggans was wet... which means i got pretty muddy... just splashy shit everywhere. a fender would have definitely been appreciated. this old dude and i were going back n forth all afternoon... i would pass him on the flats and downs and he'd pass me on the climbs (surprise)... all i could think of when he would ride by me is how good a 29er would be for him.
you sport women better watch out. i did like 12 miles offroad today. this is a record... i haven't done this many miles since sheboygan last year... and the time before that, was sheboygan the previous year.
i guess i'll be racing myself into shape this year. sweet.
as great as it was to be offroad it sucked that i had to do a major cleaning of the bike. i also trashed my bottom bracket... but really i think it was trashed before today.

the sycip is gone. she left the basement about an hour ago. the basement isn't as cool as it was.

burping champagne

we had a wedding to go to yesterday. i good friend of mine was married at the bond chapel located at the university of chicago. what a beautiful place! i'm super happy for him and wish him the best.
after the wedding we headed to a french restaurant for lunch which really turned into like an early dinner. i had too much wine and champagne. for me that means a glass of each.
we got home close to 6 and i took the road bike out for a few loops around the golf course... after the 3rd lap i started burping champagne. i headed home, i told myself because i had cold toes, but really i didn't want to burp the fish. ick.



i suppose i'll need to change my avatar now...


friday thru monday

basement, retaped bars, bike talk, sleep, ikea, new couch, woodfield, rainforest cafe, exhausted, sleep, family, easter dinner, bed by 9:30, work.


the setting sun makes a great training partner

home well after 6 today. john was picking up the kids. he isn't feeling well, but he was well enough to stay with the kids while i rode my bike. i started dinner as i got my bike stuff ready. pump the tires, fix the front brake and find all my shit. luckily, lately, i've been keeping it all together. but that didn't stop me from taking my glasses off and putting them somewhere or forgetting to grab my shoes after i had been in the basement 5 times already.
do i have time to hit the loop? the sun is getting low. i asked, john looked at me like i was dumb. go for it, the sun isn't even down yet.
the spot and i left shortly after to hit the loop. on the way i blasted by my mom, aunt, cousin and little cooper. on your left, on your left and then nobody for quite some time. passed a couple riders and crossed a few tri guys n gals. the sun was setting. i pedaled as hard as i could to make it back before dark. not because i was scared but because i wanted to ride fast and push myself.
i don't really consider myself a person who trains. all i want is to be able to go on rides with my friends and not pass out after two hours. i want to be able to function after the ride. i race to ride trails i wouldn't ordinarily ride and hang out with fellow bike geeks. i'd be lying if i said i don't care about the race. i do, it's easy to push yourself to be a better faster rider.