i was jonesing to get off road today. i packed up and headed to swallow cliffs. i know the singletrack would be in no condition, but i figured the gravel paths would be doable. they were. the section from 107th to the tobaggans was wet... which means i got pretty muddy... just splashy shit everywhere. a fender would have definitely been appreciated. this old dude and i were going back n forth all afternoon... i would pass him on the flats and downs and he'd pass me on the climbs (surprise)... all i could think of when he would ride by me is how good a 29er would be for him.
you sport women better watch out. i did like 12 miles offroad today. this is a record... i haven't done this many miles since sheboygan last year... and the time before that, was sheboygan the previous year.
i guess i'll be racing myself into shape this year. sweet.
as great as it was to be offroad it sucked that i had to do a major cleaning of the bike. i also trashed my bottom bracket... but really i think it was trashed before today.

the sycip is gone. she left the basement about an hour ago. the basement isn't as cool as it was.