so out of shape

I'm a fair weather cyclist. If I have to wear more than 2 layers I just say no. I have no desire to ride when it's cold. NONE. I don't even miss it really. I usually preoccupy myself with cross training indoors and the internet.
I don't know how to explain it but if I can't ride the way I want to ride, riding just doesn't interest me. Bundled up in a lot of clothes- mostly the big gloves- I can't handle the bike the way I want. Trails are usually snow or ice covered in spots so I can't ride as aggressive as I'd like.
Yesterday I was bored. It was technically a rest day so I had nothing planned for working out. The sun and 50 degree temps motivated me to get outside. So I went downstairs to pump up my mountain bike tires. I grabbed my helmet,shoes and their covers. Threw on my wool knickers, jersey, windproof jacket and my mint green dakine gloves and headed outside with music cranking through my headphones.
My plan was just to hit up the paved loop. Not a mile into my ride I knew this was going to be a mistake so I decided that after crossing Harlem I'd head over to the Swallow Cliff area. A destination if anything. I didn't feel bad really but I knew I had a tail wind for much of the ride. I ignored that there wouldn't be a tail wind on the way home on the straightest hilliest portion of my ride. I planned to just head out to Rte 83 and back, but of course when I saw the entrance to the multi-track how could I resist? So I dumped in. It was wet. It's been worse however. I rode to Rambo Hill and then headed home on Kean to 119th.

Man, was I out of shape. It wasn't so much that I was struggling as how slow going it felt. I know the wind didn't help. And I suppose I wasn't expecting much different as I haven't ridden my bike in a long time. But for some reason when you've been off the bike for so long, when you get back on it's like your body remembers how fast you were when you rode last and it just doesn't respond.
Still, it was such a nice day to be out. I was thankful for my wool as times I was super sweaty, and then pretty chilled.
My legs felt like jello for a little bit once I got home (mind you I rode a mere 16 miles) but later on I felt normal as I do today. I think mostly because I didn't eat before or during. I'm glad to get that first ride out of the way and looking forward to it just getting easier from here on out.
I was reminded how much I miss riding even though it wasn't singletrack. Though I was happiest in the trees. Just something about it that makes me feel so alive and happy.