make up your mind

so i had all these ideas in my head on what i was going to buy and what i was going to change on the bike front (duh)... well since i didn't have money or time there are new thoughts in my head. i like these even better. one pic may happen this weekend. so i hope.
nothing much going on. just trying to keep family time, ride and keep the house slightly sane.
saturday so far has us picking up casey's soccer uniform. she's pretty excited.
sunday i'm hoping to come down to sram to help get a road bike fitted. we'll see. it's all hinging on ed.



i'm selling my lemond sarthe 49cm complete and my look 585 frame.
i have something in the cooker. something that fits me.

interested or questions? email me: spicyride at mac dot com.

orange lemond sarthe 49cm
campy veloce
bontrager race wheels
xxxlite stem and post
not even 100 miles on it.

look 585 frame includes:
frame, fork, headset, bar, post and stem.
i'll snag a pic of this and post later.



how hard is it to stay motivated at work when the sun shining through the window keeps tapping you on the shoulder?
no complaints about the weekend. my complaint for the day is i miss casey. i haven't seen her since friday morning. she was in the dells at the kalahari water park. lucky her. sounds like she had a blast, i can't wait to here her stories.
my weekend consisted of bikes, bike parts, riding, zodiac, more riding and a walk in the park. i'm too unmotivated to type about any details. maybe later or tomorrow or something.


note to self

when you take the sycip out for a ride next time make sure the rear brake is bled and put air in the fork. your ride will be much more enjoyable.


march 20

at times it feels like i have so much going on. sometimes i feel like nothing is going on. hopefully this week and the end will be gettin' on with bike parts, bikes, team stuff and nice weather.


i cut my hair

can you tell?

no regrets. i don't miss it... yet anyway.


last night i didn't get home til around 7pm. John said his stomach was jonesing for some giordano's stuffed pizza so we headed out. that was about it. i didn't even fondle my new parts that came in friday and there were some good ones.
i didn't get a full night of sleep again. zoe woke up at about 5:15am and was ready to play. oh well. maybe tonight.
i'm getting antsy for the weather to turn. march and april is when you just start to get disgusted with how lame mother nature can be.
today i'm getting my hair chopped and touched up a bit. i hate that it takes hours. but when its done its worth it. i need a change.
too much sugar in my coffee this morning. i was getting caught up with the news this morning and came across a pet food recall. check it out if you have pets and may not have seen it. luckily it doesn't affect carbon.



phew. what an exhausting couple of days. casey, john and then zoe. i hope everyone is better tomorrow especially since the weekend will be here. what a nasty flu. starts out of the mouth, then mouth and rear for a bit and seems to end with just the rear.
i pretty much should've taken a sick or vacation day today. i didn't get anything done for work today, that coupled with leaving early wed will make for a very busy friday.
going to wake up john earlier i jammed my toe into the fucking vacuum cleaner. i hate that thing even more now. my toe is still bleeding and hurts like hell.
check out the walt. i can't wait to get it. i try to teach casey patience daily. what a hypocrite i am.
jerseys will be in new york tomorrow and then ship to oak forest.
the xbox 360 is back, one week and a day later.


green with envy

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as planned i left work early. i was gonna write about the horrible commute home and then the puking preschooler but nah, i went on an awesome ride. amazing how much better your day will turn out to be even if after you had to play single parent to a cranky 7 month old and vomit and diarrhea spewing (at the same time) 5 year old.

pissed in my kool aid

i can't seem to find anytime to do a ride. i'm very annoyed. a lot of people say how nice it is that both of us ride. its nice in some ways, but sucks too.
i have a ton of work to catch up on from being in phoenix last week. even though the trip was work related, i couldn't do any work from the hotel. its going to be in the mid-70s today... i'm hoping to get a lot of stuff done and leave early.
***note to self- BRING BROOKS FORK IN.


burning holes

the walt is done. waiting on decals and paint from these guys. i'm pretty excited. it could be awhile so i'm setting myself up for the long haul.
alien carbon on the way as well as a joystick and enduro light. sweet. twin tis with short axles are on the way too. now what else can i order? wait, don't ask that. but probably saddle and some thomson items. king's industry form allows 2 headsets per year. don't they know that some people have more than 2 bikes? ughhh...
oh crap, not to mention the items that have already burnt a hole... finally john's derailleur hanger, blackbox carbon levers, dt swiss 29er geared wheelset, dt swiss 240 mtb hubset, dt swiss 240 mtb ss hubset, stans ztr rims, moots ti post and some misc bontrager stuff. man it's gonna be fun when i can finally start completing builds. this industry rocks.


back to reality

made it back home early this afternoon. 3 days with 85 and sunny tends to get you a bit depressed that it'll be a bit before we'll be anywhere offroad. especially with this teaser weather. we enjoyed the sun anyway. nothing too exciting new for 08. new road stuff, couple additions to hydraulic brakes, nothing really new on the fork front and truvativ has a few crank updates. other than that it was a pretty stuffy meeting in salon 8 of the wyndham phoenix.
it was really nice to meet some of the distributors i haven't met yet after 7 years of working with most of them.
we had an incident with the bike case so the look didn't make the trip. john instead spent the week running and hiking around the boring blocks of the meeting area.
it would have been nice to have brought some bikes and hit south mountain, but there really was no time. we'll have to take a few days out of this coming year to hit somewhere other than the midwest.

my new frame is in the works. i hear the fork is done and the frame might be done. we'll see. i'm not gonna get too excited seeing as paint is what takes the longest. i have everything i need to build it so as soon as it hits the basement stand it'll be finished in a flash. single speed builds are the best. however, i did forget that there is a nice rattle sound in my stan's rim. m-effer. i'm guessing whatever it is floating around in there, i'm not going to find. no warranty either as stan didn't build it.
i'm also deciding on headset color. hmmm...

the sycip will be totally rebuilt as soon as the cash flow is there. i can't wait. it'll be totally different than anything i've built. the rig too. i have plans for that.

i've also pretty much decided on my ti frame. that'll happen as soon as the money is there. i'll talk to the builder soon though to find out exactly what it entails- cost, wait, etc. that'll determine when i go for it.


nada dos

nothing much going on. new parts are rolling in. spending a lot of time with the girls.

casey was the birthday star this weekend. we finally had her party. family and friends. good food and fun. john won the TdC stage on sunday. he took home a pretty nice trophy.
today zoe visited the doc. her croup-y cough was scaring me. she's got some decongestant and goes for a precautionary rsv test tomorrow.
john and i leave for phoenix on wed. fun for him, work for me.