burning holes

the walt is done. waiting on decals and paint from these guys. i'm pretty excited. it could be awhile so i'm setting myself up for the long haul.
alien carbon on the way as well as a joystick and enduro light. sweet. twin tis with short axles are on the way too. now what else can i order? wait, don't ask that. but probably saddle and some thomson items. king's industry form allows 2 headsets per year. don't they know that some people have more than 2 bikes? ughhh...
oh crap, not to mention the items that have already burnt a hole... finally john's derailleur hanger, blackbox carbon levers, dt swiss 29er geared wheelset, dt swiss 240 mtb hubset, dt swiss 240 mtb ss hubset, stans ztr rims, moots ti post and some misc bontrager stuff. man it's gonna be fun when i can finally start completing builds. this industry rocks.


Jason said...

The T6 frame is gonna rock. Good luck with the build. jm

Arleigh said...

I totally just bought an enduro light. Haven't used it yet though