pissed in my kool aid

i can't seem to find anytime to do a ride. i'm very annoyed. a lot of people say how nice it is that both of us ride. its nice in some ways, but sucks too.
i have a ton of work to catch up on from being in phoenix last week. even though the trip was work related, i couldn't do any work from the hotel. its going to be in the mid-70s today... i'm hoping to get a lot of stuff done and leave early.
***note to self- BRING BROOKS FORK IN.


bubba said...

Or... don't get alot of stuff done and leave early anyway.
It's gonna rain tomorrow.
Work then.

I've managed to keep my job for a while now using this strategy.

I should note that I'm hanging on to my job by a thread.

spicyride said...

thanks bubba... i did some stuff and saved some stuff for tomorrow and went for a ride. a sweet errand was even involved.