sicky sicky

still sick. bummer. it's sooo nice out too. 60+. stuck in the office jealous of the people who "called in sick" today. lucky fuckers. i guess i'm just bummed that i'm really sick. first nice days of the year and i can't enjoy them. okay, enough of feeling sorry for myself... real busy at work today. nothing new there. got a new bar. truvativ bar. now all i need is a stem. but i guess for right now, the 90mm will have to do for now. bontrager or wait? i'll wait i s'pose. blur needs some love. maybe tonight.



since saturday... ughhh. put me out of my misery.



man, i was really tired last night. painted john's redline... again. didn't get home til after 8pm. i was exhausted. i think (and hope) john is feeling better today. he sounded better this morning. i couldn't get outta bed this morning. i wanted so bad to be up and moving before 7am. no go. i woke up a bit before 8! i guess i needed my sleep. so much work to do for work and i just want to take today and tomorrow off... i'm taking 1/2 day tomorrow. i've decided.


today is the greatest day

for someone i suppose. john's still sick. carbon is a fucking monster. dude, you can't leave him alone for a minute. i tried to post a pic for my avatar... no go. i emailed their help desk. took a spin on the newly built black bike tonight... woo, it was cold. but did it feel damn good! hooey! redline on the way for johnny boy. it's the same one... i'm kinda wishing he got the red. i really like that one... it's racey lookin. i still think i'm a fucking idiot. i still can't seem to do anything right... am i just too stressed? it seems i never get to sit down... i've been home since 6pm and this is the first time i've sat all night. it's been like this for sooo long. two bday parties this weekend. john has the tour... ho hum. seems like i never do anything for me. but what do i want to do? fuck fuck fuck two bugs in a rug the one bug says fuck you the other says fuck yeah. i wish i was the bug that said fuck yeah... that bug seems to have a great outlook.


fuckin' hay right

sycip was suppose to be rebuilt today. cables, housing, new stem, bar, etc. stem was too short. so i put the bonty stuff on the ano. looks good. i'm excited to ride that bike with the new set up. when? talk to mother nature. she's been her usual bitch self. no relief to our crap weather anytime near. the catt's still sick. bummer. i'm lonely. no workout today. well kinda, with hand weights... i wish i rode. but at this point i'd be completely unmotivated. lots to do tomorrow. workwise and homewise. need to say goodbye to the airborne.


nada spicy

frame's done. looks damn good. finish the build tomorrow along with some other bike tinkering. nothing going on tonight. i wish i was tired so i could just go to bed.


audit over. i feel like a big weight lifted off my shoulder. tonight paint john's frame. whitey cracked so now it's a rush to get this gal painted. camo black it is. alpha q stuff on the way. spot frame being built. spot cross frame for john on the way, well almost.


next build


pure energy

something i don't have as of late. it's the weather... yeah yeah yeah, i speak of the weather often, but it weighs heavily on my mood. nice weather will come. just not soon enough :)

talking shit

been digging pinback lately. looking forward to the weekend... however i have to get by the UL audit on friday... i'm nervous about it. no weekend plans though. maybe just clean the place. like really clean. i'll need help with that though. million dollar baby maybe?


it's almost ten thirty

and believe it or not i am heading up for bed. this has got to be some kind of record... although i just remember i have to put sheets on case's bed... no matter, i shall make it quick. no workout tonight except for some crunches and hand weights. i've got two sickies on my hand... so pimp if you read this, thanks for the offer of heading over, but i don't want to spread their disease. spot brand will be my next frame... gumball blue to be exact. full custom. won't be as bling as the sycip, but i don't want it to be either. i think i may have the cat secretly excited about a spot brand as his commuter... mr. anti-steel himself. he'll love it. better get on selling the airborne............................................. til tomorrow suckahs.


what a night! actually fell asleep when i wanted to only to wake up at midnight to dog piss in the hallway... while cleaning that up, went to make sure casey was still tucked in nice and sweet... she peed the bed! i just changed her sheets that night! words can't describe how irritated i was. then to top it off as i'm bringing her sheets downstairs the dog shit in the living room... so i banged my head on the door. why? no clue. don't know where that came from. so anyway, i'm making today a better day. it's looking up so far. michael from spot got back to me... sea otter hotels is looking really good. now all i need is to win the lottery. but i guess you need to play to win.


passing through unconscious state

what a hormone induced weekend. fuck. i can't believe how out of sorts i was emotionally. i feel like a totally different person today. the weather still sucks. i can't get into this cold-it-may-snow- crap any longer. i'm longing for sun, temps in the 40s and 50s which will then make me crave 60s and 70s... then it'll be so fucking hot i'll want it to snow. truth be told though i would rather be sweating my ass off. a sweaty ass induced by hot summer weather i'm down with. i was thinking about all the events i'd like to hit next year... fuck, it's a lot. i always have high hopes for the season, but this is different. i feel my motivation is high. this year i've gone back to changing my eating habits and working out earlier and often. i'm hoping casey will work out at a lot of events. that's my one fear. i for sure don't want to diss her. i want her there. i'm hoping she will have a good time. my goal will have to be to finish way before the experts start. ha. we'll see. i hope i don't disappoint myself. anyway, i'm still looking for a new steel frame. i want one designed around 100mm. light blue is a definite fo' sure. gunnar, desalvo, spot, curtlo... i've already got a sycip so i want some variety. i'm leaning towards spot. michael is suppose to be getting back to me tomorrow am. we'll see. i need, well okay, i want to do some qbp shopping... should i build my own wheels or have them do it? i'm just thinking of time and patience... neither of which i have right now. i already need to build up the kings. we'll see the price diff on the wheels... blah blah blah. uniforms end of march. what else? sea otter was creeping slowly, now it's about ready to fucking hit us over the head... outta nowhere it seems. where's my pics? i suck at hooking up the digital. tomorrow perhaps?


mean creek

good movie. i recommend it. lazy day today.


hot dang

it was bad luck night. no swatches. voler messed up zipcode. they were in peru. i got us lost again. i have come to the conclusion that i'm very dumb. i think i just get so nervous about things and try not to make a mistake, that i make a mistake. i've also just had no confidence in myself lately which doesn't help. i hope today brings something better. i hope the weekend goes well. not sure what i can do to ensure it's a good one. i'm really hungry. maybe i'll try to go snag a snack. lunch seems far away.


so much beauty in dirt

mtb season will be here soon, i keep telling myself that. i tried to post a blog last night, but i recvd an error message, then i just gave up. it was too many words to retype. i'll recap.... felt better, a lot actually. wanted to ride last night. well i still feel good. i didn't ride last night, way too tired and i didn't get home til after 7pm. i rode this morning though. snow outside again. when will it end? jersey decision time tonight. i'm leaning towards slate. i'm feeling good this morning. rode already and will probably do some cross training later. bos is back. it was good to see him. i'll see him again tonight. i really don't have anything interesting to say at this point. maybe later...


well I might be wrong but you tag along and we've all been wronged and I get dizzier by the mile

i was super crabby last night. i hated the way i felt. i just wanted to go to bed and forget about the world. i feel better this morning but still not in the best of moods. i feel sad. i don't want to smile. is it the weather? am i just a bitch? i'm feeling unconfident today. one friend yesterday tells me a guy he knows reminded him of me. he went on to say how he didn't like him and tried to make his problems everyone else's problems. he also called him a loser and dork. wtf. i think i'm just feeling sorry for myself. i hate my schedule. i hate my house is a mess, i hate my bikes aren't finished. i hate money. don't be a hater. i guess i just needed a hug yesterday. hopefully today will bring a better mood. peace out.


need to sleep

dammit. can i ever get to bed before 10 fucking thirty? tonight it was taiwan's fault. modern technology will be the death of us all. i'm hella outta here. til tomorrow... dang. i wanted to end with something clever, but i'm not.

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out of gas

out of road... snow today. the pimp asked if it was snowing. i looked and said no. a minute later i happened to look and it was snowing. fuck. idiots will be out in droves in their cars. or whatever. no ride today. i feel like shit anyway. i'm tired. work sucks. meeting at sara and zach's wed for uniforms. they are turning out to be pretty damn cool. it makes me excited for the season to start. sea otter will kick it off... did i mention sea otter?

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killer weather

don't get much nicer than today folks. near 70 was what the radio told me. i almost didn't get a chance to take advantage of it. forgot my camera on the ride... as usual. fuckin' fruit booters. they were everywhere. who the hell invented the retracto-leash anyway? i need to start remembering my camera. there were 3 cool shots i would've taken. right now i'd really like to sit down and watch a movie. anchorman perhaps? i think it's the only one we posess that i have yet to watch. nothing to look forward to as the week is coming. probably more indoor training as the weather will continue to suck. next weekend nothing... so far. maybe i'll plant a seed.


oh yeah

why when i go to edit a post with a pic the pic disappers. sucks.

fuckin' hottie

forgot to post that in the pic below. rode this morning. woke up late. loser. good ride i feel good. i'm finally getting into a rhythm. drinkin coffe, need more sugar. today has so far brought nothing. i may go take some pictures. i want to take a graphic design or web design class. now i just need to find the time. dog's barking outside. i think he's searching for friends. wedding shower tomorrow. phuck. i hate responsibility sometimes. i'm hoping for some kick ass food. i want a skateboard. at this time in my life i'd probably be a poseur, but at this time in my life i really don't fucking care. i really like the word fuck and any other variation of it. perhaps i will use it here more so it stays out of my daily vocabulary. i have a small child ya know.

i'm sitting here freezing at the kitchen table. it's raining outside and cold. billy's bday tonight. i think we all had a good time. work sucked. no help til july. budget restraints. corporations, meh. on a good note got the steamroller. no wheels though, nor cog. i want to build it up soon. money sucks. posted on a message board tonight and am thinking about deleting it. this guy on there really irritates me. i take his posts the wrong way. a lot of people do i think. he says it's our problem and we misunderstand. whatever. i'm guessing his dick is small. tomorrow finish cleaning, work on bikes. maybe take some pics too.
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better than okay

i'm totally pms'ing. at the same time though i feel good. rode outside today- i'm sure that's why. shit... i forgot to return my movies to have some for the weekend. damn. billy's bday tomorrow. i'm excited to give him his gifts. i need to ebay some shit to build up my surly and buy john his lemond. i'm not in the mood... i'm falling asleep as i type this. 'til tomorrow suckah.


the clouds are falling down around us

can't wait for the otter. blue skies and green soon.
much to my dismay, even though i expected it, it was ass cold this morning. nothing above freezing all this week. wtf it's march. i need to figure out this whole html thing. like how do you put lines through things or make little hearts. do you have to use hello to post pics? questions i'm sure to find answers to soon i guess. just finished dinner. will go down to workout in a minute. i don't like working out right after eating, but i have a fucked up schedule. i do what i can when i can.


snowflakes and plastic forks

shitty weather. still. ordered the steamroller today. i need wheels and headset. go king or cheap? we'll see. want a new steel mtb frame... spot, desalvo or soulcraft. which one? it will be light blue for certain. worked out tonight. slight twinge above my knee. i need to figure that out. bad bike fit on cross. cool workout, felt good. more news on uniforms. it'll all work out. people stress too much about stuff. i guess that includes me. finally catching up at work. wedding shower this weekend. damn... i need to get a gift. uncle rich came out of surgery okay. he still has a lot of hurdles to overcome.
tomorrow, work and workout. need to clean house too. it's getting messy. hello won't let me post a photo. HELLO. meh. whatever.