today is the greatest day

for someone i suppose. john's still sick. carbon is a fucking monster. dude, you can't leave him alone for a minute. i tried to post a pic for my avatar... no go. i emailed their help desk. took a spin on the newly built black bike tonight... woo, it was cold. but did it feel damn good! hooey! redline on the way for johnny boy. it's the same one... i'm kinda wishing he got the red. i really like that one... it's racey lookin. i still think i'm a fucking idiot. i still can't seem to do anything right... am i just too stressed? it seems i never get to sit down... i've been home since 6pm and this is the first time i've sat all night. it's been like this for sooo long. two bday parties this weekend. john has the tour... ho hum. seems like i never do anything for me. but what do i want to do? fuck fuck fuck two bugs in a rug the one bug says fuck you the other says fuck yeah. i wish i was the bug that said fuck yeah... that bug seems to have a great outlook.