don't get caught with your pants down


you know the season is a total creeper.


Where to begin?

So much riding has not happened this weekend.
It was pretty uneventful but I did venture past my front stoop.
Saturday afternoon Casey and I headed to The Disney Store for a birthday gift she had to get for a party later that day. Headed to the party. Chaos ensued. Jumpy things, pizza, a Little Mermaid cake, cupcakes and pop. I love cake.
Pretty much as soon as Casey and I walked in the door at home, the whole family was back in the car to pick up John's sis. She's in from California. We ended up staying at his P's for some pizza. I'm beginning to think that the only things I eat are pizza and donuts. For real. Amelia will probably confirm this.
Today I lazed around for a good part of the morning. Read the paper, downloaded a bunch of crap, actually showered. Casey spent the night at John's P's; so John, Zoe and I headed out to run some errands. It was weird, we were out n about but really didn't get done what we set out to do. We did have a battery failure in the Best Buy parking lot. That was fun waiting for a neighboring car to finally come out of the store. After waiting for about 15 minutes we decided to push it out and then ask a passerby to give us a jump. Some nice Jeep couple helped us out.
Came home bathed some kids and watched Hugh Laurie win best actor at the SAG awards. And then chatted about it with my House friends.
And now I'm typing this lame blog.


butt crack cold

Yeah, that cold. Ya know like when you go outside for even a minute and you come back in, your butt seems to take forever to warm up. Well, that happens to me anyway.
Nothing amazing going on today but I do have things to do. First time in weeks me thinks. Brad's making an appearance with the boys to talk bikes. Then the Disney store for a birthday gift. Then Jump Zone (or whatever) for the birthday party. Then pick up Julie and the kids from Midway. Then, IDK. Whatever happens I hope it involves good food.
I really want to ride my mountain bike. I should find my goggles.



Yeah. The donuts again.
They put something in that chocolate to addict us. It’s an Entenmanns' conspiracy I tell ya. We will all have boxes of them at our desk. And Jewel is in on it… this week it’s buy one get one free. Fuckers.


tv saved my life once

I'm an obsessive person. Duh, right? This is not a new flaw thing.
I sometimes become obsessed with new things (or moreso with old things) when I'm in a funk. Some might think it's unhealthy (it can be at times), but I really don't care. Okay, maybe I do a little, I am dedicating a blog post to it.
The thing is when I get obsessed with something it makes me happy. The other things in my life seem brighter. I seem to enjoy everything else more. People don't pick up on that. They just see the obsession. And that you're a dork/geek/loser (because they don't get it). And maybe you don't see what you do as an obsession, it's just something you really really like to do or just like a lot (for this post, that's my def of obsessed).
Some friends who don't ride bikes think I'm weird because I'm so into it. Some people who don't enjoy the same tv shows I do think I'm insane because I'm really into it (okay, really really into it). Everyone has their thing. If you take a step back and look at your thing- you're probably weird too. Who the fuck cares!?
My dad used to be critical of the money I spent on bikes and parts. Hmmm, how much were those golf clubs dad? Didn't you just get a new set last year? He says "that's true, very true, you're right."
John plays video games with a mini keyboard attached to his controller while wearing a headset and having a laptop open while chatting and IM'ing other gamers (PRO-gamers). Multi-tasking at its finest. I don't wanna do that, but I get it. It makes me smile.
We all have our things. Just because it's not your thing doesn't make someone a loser. And if you're gonna imply that I am, don't be ignorant about it, get your facts straight.

ETA that I'm really not bitter and this makes me laugh:

*.gif stolen from lj


asleep on the couch

Fell asleep on the couch earlier trying to put Zoe down (took forever). And now I'm awake.
Trying to do laundry. That might bore me to sleep.
Heat wave Thursday. 36 degrees. Good thing I work from home already... saves me the guilt of having to ditch.
And dog puke is disgusting, not as gross as cheeto puke, but still.


why talk anymore?

I said something to someone today and they were like, "I know, I read your facebook."

*stab icon stolen from lj


I ate the donut


Anyway, Friday on the way to work I just didn't feel right. Misery at its finest til Saturday evening. Lots of porcelain visits and laundry later I feel close to normal today. I'll be 100% no doubt just in time for work on Monday.
At least House is back on though, I haven't looked forward to a Monday in so long. Hopefully the fandom will lose its bitterness.


home, again.

Oh the horror. To work from home again. Actually it's great, but it is a little harder. Self-disciplined is not what I would call myself. I also have access to snacks (donuts) which isn't good.
It's still snowing and blowing like crazy. Pretty darn cold too.
Today seems to be flying by. I have lots to do for work, stuff that is easily done at home which is good (not that I can't do everything here, but some things are definitely easier than others).
Other than that, I've got nothing going on.


sunday sucked

I was never dressed yet changed my p.j.s three times yesterday. Zoe was sick. Pukey sick. The first round was cheetos. Absolutely disgusting. The smell was beyond awful. Processed cheese upchucked... imagine. It almost made me vomit. It was creamy orange, like an orange julius or melted creamscicle. I still get grossed out thinking about the smell. *shudders* Later there were noodles which wasn't so bad. They look pretty much the same and weren't wafting. Then later after she puked her guts out, she launched mostly water til about 2 am. She seems fine today.
Speaking of Zoe. She managed to bust another laptop. The screen on the HP = DEAD. Bummer.
No House tonight. Sadface. Another week and it's ON. Bless my fangirl heart. And then Lost starts up again on that Wednesday.



Anyone else find scanning pics tedious? Ugghhh... I scanned like 10 pics and was like eff this.
ETA: I thought I posted some of the pics from my *yawn* ordeal today. Apparently not. Some are up at my flickr account. Clicky on the flickr thingee on the right.
I also wanted to add that I'm still awake at 12:47a.m. with a puking Zoe.


I need a new header. I need to find pics.


Entenmans Anonymous

I clearly have a problem. There hasn't been a day that has gone by in the last two months where I haven't had an Entenmans' donut. Sad really. I even think about them at times. Should I have another? Nah, you already had two. But that was at breakfast. Hmmm. *grabs another donut.
Today I've admitted that I have a problem and will address it. I haven't had one all day. But it is only 1pm. I have to take it one minute at a time. I know I'll fall off the wagon once... or twice or more (nobody's perfect), but hopefully it's not within the same day. I'd like my underwear to be comfortable again. I'm okay with "fat jeans", but I refuse to buy "fat underwear".
So to help with the underwear ordeal I rode the trainer. Again. Twice in one week.
The iPod touch rules for the trainer. You can listen to music while tweeting and surf the web, you can also watch a movie or a tv show.
I was also reminded of some things while riding... I'm out of shape (duh), at about the 30 minute mark my hoo hoo gets numb, at about the 50 minute mark my legs are like wtf- STOP! and at about 1hr and 10, my body: FAILS. And also, carbon soled road shoes with cleats do not go well with painted basement floors.


Even forecasts lie!

Lies. Yep, the forecast lied. Imagine that. This morning was awful, but shortly after I would have left for work, no snow. Still no snow. And now they're only predicting 1-3 inches into tomorrow morning. Maybe. Big whoop. If it's gonna snow, fucking snow already so we can at least go play in it like all those people in Wisconsin.



Have you seen the latest weather forecast? Fuck. It better be all lies.
And OMG. Effin' Entenmans' donuts. I just can't stop!



Motivation is creeping up on me slowly (I hope that's what it is). I actually rode the trainer last night for a whole hour (and contrary to my belief, I didn't die. Brittany did think the world was going to end, it didn't, but I wasn't so sure it wouldn't).
I had every intention of doing something today, like ride or not sit on the couch. But getting in later than usual, dinner, House, House, House, the internet and kids' bedtime I just wasn't up for it. I need to get back on the morning workout schedule, and if I make time for something after work, total bonus.
I had plans for a longer post but facebook, livejournal, twitter, flickr, message boards and whatever else are completely distracting me.
*reminder- no caffeine after lunch. this staying up til midnight on weeknights bullshit is wearing.


i didn't realize my "game face" profile pic was linked to photobucket (just reorganized there).
guess i'll have to fix that.


that pothole ate a T Rex

Winter in Chicago is dangerous. Snow, sleet, ice, rain and potholes.
My steering alignment hopes for survival.
Back to work today. I was thinking about how I hated being here. Monster spreadsheets. Obscene reports. It's overwhelming at times. My commute sucks worse than the invention of voicemail- but then I looked to my right and this is what I saw:

My environment is what I think most people wish they had. I get to wear headphones, share everyone's itunes, watch movies at lunch, twitter, update my blog, have toys and cool bike parts on my desk and talk about bikes all day.



It rained last night. Weird. Totally unexpected.
My case of bed head today is much worse than yesterday. Hopefully it's at its peak.
Real life starts back up tomorrow. Lounge pants will be for the evenings only (and Thursdays). *sigh*
Both girls have nasty coughs. I woke up to Casey coughing in my face. Zoe has an ear infection. It's obvious when the motrin wears off, she gets mean and nasty.
Today we'll finish putting the christmas decorations away (need more bins) and some other boring things like vacuuming, eating, stuff like that. Maybe I'll make a date with the trainer- watch a movie. I'd prefer outside, but the wind is howling.


bed head

I seem to have a case of it lately. It goes well with lounge pants and slippers while lying on the couch with a laptop. Why does the internet hafta have so much to look at? I mean people have books up in pdf. I can read a book!
Right now I'm trying to educate myself on computers. Get back in touch. I feel so like my mom lately. I mean I'm not typing my email username in my address bar wondering where to put my password, but still.
I also want to take a photoshop class or something. I want to make rad headers and other stuff.
Hopefully I'll get the rest of the holiday decorations in bins today as well as get the kid's tv/playroom started. Monday will come quick.


A New Year

I don't do resolutions. Probably because I have no self-discipline.
Bringing in the new year was pretty uneventful at this house. This was the first year I haven't done anything. I've always felt New Year's Eve was way overrated anyway. Maybe because I don't really drink? I dunno.
Things I'd like to do this year are be happier, ride more, take care of the mesa, drink coffee without sugar, change my header, listen to more music, read more books... Probably other things I can't think of right now. Live for the moment I guess (or whatever).
Today it looks like lounge pants and bed head. Maybe I'll try to motivate myself for a ride around the block.