sunday sucked

I was never dressed yet changed my p.j.s three times yesterday. Zoe was sick. Pukey sick. The first round was cheetos. Absolutely disgusting. The smell was beyond awful. Processed cheese upchucked... imagine. It almost made me vomit. It was creamy orange, like an orange julius or melted creamscicle. I still get grossed out thinking about the smell. *shudders* Later there were noodles which wasn't so bad. They look pretty much the same and weren't wafting. Then later after she puked her guts out, she launched mostly water til about 2 am. She seems fine today.
Speaking of Zoe. She managed to bust another laptop. The screen on the HP = DEAD. Bummer.
No House tonight. Sadface. Another week and it's ON. Bless my fangirl heart. And then Lost starts up again on that Wednesday.