home, again.

Oh the horror. To work from home again. Actually it's great, but it is a little harder. Self-disciplined is not what I would call myself. I also have access to snacks (donuts) which isn't good.
It's still snowing and blowing like crazy. Pretty darn cold too.
Today seems to be flying by. I have lots to do for work, stuff that is easily done at home which is good (not that I can't do everything here, but some things are definitely easier than others).
Other than that, I've got nothing going on.


Sara said...

I'm getting caught up....

First, FREAKING LOVE the old pictures. Your scanning irritation was well worth my enjoyment. Especially love Rachael in a miniskirt with knee highs.

Second, great job - 1 hour 10 on the trainer is impressive. Good thing you've got your toys to keep you occupied!