OMG I'm so bored

And because I'm so bored I'm going to do a blog update, with really boring stuff.
My weekend was, well, uneventful. I did nothing. Saturday I never stepped out the door.
Today I didn't realize the snow was all gone until I looked out the window at almost noon. I did get out to take Casey to school though. Yeah, she has school on Sunday. It's fun school though, art and theater.
My mom also bribed me to hit the mall with her, she told me she'd buy me something. Score. So I have a new purple hoodie.
I made banana bread last night, low fat and low cal. It is pretty damn good. I've never made bread before. I almost want to bake bread all the time now. It's probably cheaper than buying it right?
I started thinking about bikes a lot lately. Like what do I want to change, what do I want to race, etc. I still have no clue but it's been fun thinking about it.
I'm slowly getting XX stuff to try out. It's so hard to get. I'm still bummed it's triggers, but I'm open to try them (again).
I should also start thinking about riding my bike. I just saw Smashley's blog about being a Cat 1, which reminded me that I'm also a Cat 1. I too should start acting like one, or be better at pretending.



It's still like winter and stuff. What a long season.
I've done nothing and am liking it.
The bike bug is near though; I sense its presence.