i'm laying on the couch trying to take a nap (i came down here about a 1/2 hour ago). i made the mistake of turning on vh1c and the top 100 songs of the 80s is on.
i've tried to ignore it and change the channel but i just can't bring myself to do it! i'm still irritated at some of the songs that beat R.E.M.'s it's the end of the world... but it's been funny hearing all the songs i grew up with. culture club, duran duran, depeche mode, def leppard, bon jovi, devo, beastie boys, flock of seagulls (i preferred space age love song over i ran). so funny. i mean, oh micky yer so fine. hilarious. turn around bright eyes (total eclipse of the heart). the people they have commenting are cracking me up too- clinton kelley, run dmc. i remember roller skating to salt n pepa. omg. i need to stop now!


nothing to talk about

i absolutely hate this time of year and it's all because of the weather.
i can deal with cold. it's the rain that pisses me off.
and I57 is under construction. WTF? so now it takes me a 1/2 hour longer to get home.
it's so depressing.


missing memo?

did i miss the memo that Fall wasn't happening this year? WTF!



ewhhh. the weekend forecast is sucky. i don't even want to leave the house. on the way home from work tomorrow i plan on stocking up on fun food. a couple digiornos and some swedish fish.



my gamer geek husband is super stoked to have his newest game...

it's not supposed to be out til this friday. he was on one of his gamer geek web-sites and saw where some other geeks scored them at the 7-11. so he grabbed the fellow gamer geek neighbor kid ryan and scored on their 3rd 7-11 visit.
i totally am not into it but super stoked for them. they are like all excited.


whoa. i've been on like 2 rides since i last posted. and i dug them both.
kettle this past sunday and palos yesterday.
mountain biking rules.
i was hoping this weekend would be a group ride weekend but the rain in the forecast doesn't make that look good.
nothing new really.
house was painted (i think i posted that already). john turned a year older much to his dismay. halloween rocked with the girls. we played guitar hero world tour or whatever the other day with the drums and everything. we had a family hair cut night. other than that, not much going on. i couldn't find our camera for a bit so i don't even have photos.