boom boom huck jam

yep, that's what i did all day yesterday. all day. sat on the couch and watched tony hawk's boom boom huck jam diaries. i haven't had a day like that in forever.



no fun updates lately. i'm tired of posting about being sick. i haven't been sick in so long and then this year, bam. i feel like i haven't been well since october, before sheboygan. it's funny how time lines always revolve around biking.
i have some last minute xmas shopping to do. does it ever end? just small shit i kept procrastinating. hopefully it'll go quick. yeah right.
chris got me some cool skull cycling socks, craig got me an i love robots pin, jp got me this cool vase from twn. pretty sweet. adam brought in some homemade chocolate chip cookies and steve's taking us to lunch as he hates shopping but likes to eat. i'll be leaving after lunch today so that'll be nice.
tomorrow starts the madness of trying to see everyone. there's a part of me that enjoys seeing everyone, i just wish they were all at the same house.
my dad was telling me this funny story about checking baggage at midway... there was a cooler going to the mayo clinic in mn. the carrier marked it as "human organ". the cooler sets off the alarm as it as seen as a large mass. so there's another box behind it that set off the alarm. everyone was chattin' it up and my dad opened up the second box... an arm falls out! everyone freaked out! it was of course fake. but for those few seconds everyone rushed to grab it. my dad couldn't stop laughing.


shopping and paint

it's been a long weekend. lots of family stuff. we are painting today. the house is a wreck. later we will hit john's p's to send julie, doug n ryder off. it was good seeing them the past few months. we'll have to set a time to go visit them. there is some great riding by them. the sycip guys are right there. the two j's can't wait to show us all the good stuff at anna whatever state park. dang, i should book our flights now. i'm so out of shape though.
short work week coming up, then off all week. i'm not sure i'll know what to do with myself.
i'm pretty much done with the xmas shopping. i hate shopping, but i love giving gifts even if it's just a small ornament ya know. lunchtime... eric's over painting, i'll think i'll grab us some portillos.



i didn't go to work today. so i'm sitting here kinda feeling guilty. well, i am working but i guess i feel i must punish myself with the commute.
i need a snowblower. not for the driveway and sidewalk, i acually enjoy shoveling it... but for the bikepath. there's a loop around the golf course i'd love to have plowed. it would be better than nothing.
busy end of week. julie, doug and ryder are in from cali at about 1pm today. we've seen them 3 times in the past few months. some kind of record.
i think i'm done with christmas shopping. waiting for some items to arrive. then some misc here n there.
i need to do something so i have something to write about...


more snow

yesterday the wind was brutal. i was a total wuss with how cold it was. i haven't set foot outside today but there's a few more inches of snow. hmmm... looks fun. hopefully it's not icy. picked up the hardwood flooring yesterday, hopefully the installers call soon. i'd like to know if we can set the tree up in the usual spot.
i'm bored. i really don't feel like cleaning. xmas stuff out of the attic and baking cookies today.



we always joke about how lucky my dad is. tonight i got a call that he was at 55th and central looked up and saw a plane over him. it hit the car behind him. he said when he got out of the car he could barely stand his knees were shaking so bad. he thought a pole was falling and then realized it was a plane. they were clearing the people out of the area. he stayed to help, he's a tsa agent at midway so he had a badge and they needed all the help they could get. he carried people from the plane to the shelter. how crazy. he's still pretty shaken up.
as sorry as i am about the people behind him, i can't even think about it, i'm glad he was lucky.
no posts lately. just trying to get well again and getting xmas stuff done. when you have kids shopping becomes a priority. it's like responsibility or something.
snow. 8". ride? sweet.

earlier today


antibiotics ruled the day

some sort of cylin. i can't believe how much better i feel. it made me realize how down n out i actually was. il state cx champs tomorrow. i wonder if it'll be nasty? then hopefully ride out at the mesa later.
went xmas shopping with my mom and sis today. didn't get much done. i hate the mall. i'm sticking to the internet.
my gram had a stroke the week of thanksgiving. she's 90. fit as a fiddle and then the stroke. i barely recognized her up at the hospital. she had a lost look about her. so frail and vulnerable. i've been visiting her frequently. last night she looked amazing. she had her spit back. she looked "there". she still can't verbalize, but the looks we get, oh man... she's back.
i'm hoping now that i feel better i'll have more to post.
OH YEAH! Bos is a proud papa to a new baby girl. Hayden Jeree Bos, 7lbs and 20 inches long. dion is doing great. i teared up when he called. i'm so happy for them!