shopping and paint

it's been a long weekend. lots of family stuff. we are painting today. the house is a wreck. later we will hit john's p's to send julie, doug n ryder off. it was good seeing them the past few months. we'll have to set a time to go visit them. there is some great riding by them. the sycip guys are right there. the two j's can't wait to show us all the good stuff at anna whatever state park. dang, i should book our flights now. i'm so out of shape though.
short work week coming up, then off all week. i'm not sure i'll know what to do with myself.
i'm pretty much done with the xmas shopping. i hate shopping, but i love giving gifts even if it's just a small ornament ya know. lunchtime... eric's over painting, i'll think i'll grab us some portillos.


Anonymous said...

I'll take my usual please. And make sure the fries are nice and crisp...