Palos Meltdown

Registration by mail and on-line ends Aug 7th.
You can register day of (which is a pain in the ass as it's off-site and the fee goes up).

So if you're going, get on it. Sport class will probably fill up soon.


Oh yeah

I forgot I had a blog.
Same old stuff really...
Wish I rode more.
Haven't raced in well over a month.
(So Franklin should go really well for me.)
My kids are awesome.
I smashed my foot and broke my shoe- it hurts to walk but doesn't riding.
Zoe still has hives.
My bike is still cool.
Wishing I had another (bike). Just for the fun of the build.
What else.... hmmmm....
Nothing I guess.

We need to plan a ride down here people. And speaking of just riding, who wants to go to Brown County?



I don't want to be a hater but it's really tough not to be right now.
I'm looking at you Mother Nature.



This green blob has been stuck here for hours. Barely moving.
So cruel.

Here we go again...

Wednesday night rides are dirt rides out at Palos.
It never failed last year that it would rain on Wednesdays. Reading back on my blog from last year, it did quite often. The trails at Palos are finally open and guess what? It's raining. Looks to be an all-day-er too.
If it's not raining after work I'll hit Waterfall Glen. Maybe.


missing eau claire

It was a tough decision (not really), but in the end the kids won.
Our plan was to let the kids enjoy the 4th. Picnic, swimming, friends, cousins, fireworks. And then hope we could get someone to have them overnight and all day today (wishful thinking). It would've been worth driving a couple hours after the fireworks and then finish up the drive in the morning.
We had a sitter for today, but not last night. *shrugs*
Oh well. What to do next year?
Will they have the race on the 4th?
I know I'll be even more bummed when I hear how awesome it was later today and all day tomorrow. When I see the results and wonder where I might've finished...
I'm hoping later today John and I can ride somewhere together. Off-road is probably out as it rained all day yesterday.



I finally made it out there for the first time this year.
I'm worked. I can barely move. Thinking about moving is a bother.



I forgot my brakes need to be bled. The front has a huge air bubble in it.
If you put the bike on its side and pick it up, no front brake. I was reminded of this on my mesa ride this evening. Put the bike down to fix my cleat, hopped on the bike on the fastest downhill there and no front brake. Need to bleed that. Well, actually beg my husband to. Luckily you can pump it back up (but still).
And what I thought was a bottom bracket creak was not. It's an eggbeater creak. I think I need a rebuild kit. Loud creaking noises on my bike annoy me. I can deal with rubbing or intermittent noises. Or even brake squeal. I absolutely hate creaking.
I was also reminded that I haven't found the ideal fork pressure for the new SID. I put too much in this evening and essentially ping ponged my ass all over the trail. It's not like I've never ridden rigid before, but for some reason having a fork with too much air isn't the same. It's more like unpredictable or something.
I put the cleat plates on my sidi shoes tonight. I also moved my cleats down a bit. After wearing my old shoes I realized that my cleats were too far forward. From the title of this blog post you know how well that worked out for me. Still though, at least I was out on my bike.
Meh. Hopefully tomorrow's ride will redeem this evening.
Which, crap, I should go to bed to wake up for...


I went to the mesa again last night. Only about 45 minute ride time, but I'm not complaining. I grabbed a lot of downed tree branches that of course fall right in the middle of the trail. We call them Stan sticks as our friend Stan is famous for grabbing those sticks in his derailleur and then breaking his derailleur. Never fails.
The trails ripped. I may have adapted to their rooty-ness I suppose just from the other night.
I love riding out there but it isn't as smooth as it used to be. There are so many more exposed roots. Which isn't horrible, it definitely makes you work on the bike, but some of the trails used to be wicked fast lean into the turns kinda smooth. Not so much anymore.
John changed my axle on my Industry Nine wheel last night. Yes I cracked it. Apparently I'm one of four people to have done so. The replacement axle is way lighter. Weird. I also finally changed my bottom bracket. It was creaking after last wash. And with ti I think it echoes so it was a major annoyance. I put a blackbox one in, oh so smooth. For now anyway. Now mount xdx tires on 190 wheelset, um... and what else? Meh, I don't remember. Oh, I have to change my chainring on my Eriksen. Damn penis rock.
Doc appointment today at 3:30. Boo.


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