I forgot my brakes need to be bled. The front has a huge air bubble in it.
If you put the bike on its side and pick it up, no front brake. I was reminded of this on my mesa ride this evening. Put the bike down to fix my cleat, hopped on the bike on the fastest downhill there and no front brake. Need to bleed that. Well, actually beg my husband to. Luckily you can pump it back up (but still).
And what I thought was a bottom bracket creak was not. It's an eggbeater creak. I think I need a rebuild kit. Loud creaking noises on my bike annoy me. I can deal with rubbing or intermittent noises. Or even brake squeal. I absolutely hate creaking.
I was also reminded that I haven't found the ideal fork pressure for the new SID. I put too much in this evening and essentially ping ponged my ass all over the trail. It's not like I've never ridden rigid before, but for some reason having a fork with too much air isn't the same. It's more like unpredictable or something.
I put the cleat plates on my sidi shoes tonight. I also moved my cleats down a bit. After wearing my old shoes I realized that my cleats were too far forward. From the title of this blog post you know how well that worked out for me. Still though, at least I was out on my bike.
Meh. Hopefully tomorrow's ride will redeem this evening.
Which, crap, I should go to bed to wake up for...