I went to the mesa again last night. Only about 45 minute ride time, but I'm not complaining. I grabbed a lot of downed tree branches that of course fall right in the middle of the trail. We call them Stan sticks as our friend Stan is famous for grabbing those sticks in his derailleur and then breaking his derailleur. Never fails.
The trails ripped. I may have adapted to their rooty-ness I suppose just from the other night.
I love riding out there but it isn't as smooth as it used to be. There are so many more exposed roots. Which isn't horrible, it definitely makes you work on the bike, but some of the trails used to be wicked fast lean into the turns kinda smooth. Not so much anymore.
John changed my axle on my Industry Nine wheel last night. Yes I cracked it. Apparently I'm one of four people to have done so. The replacement axle is way lighter. Weird. I also finally changed my bottom bracket. It was creaking after last wash. And with ti I think it echoes so it was a major annoyance. I put a blackbox one in, oh so smooth. For now anyway. Now mount xdx tires on 190 wheelset, um... and what else? Meh, I don't remember. Oh, I have to change my chainring on my Eriksen. Damn penis rock.
Doc appointment today at 3:30. Boo.