not officially but...

the mtb season officially started for me this wednesday since i now have cut and bruised legs. what a great feeling.
no riding last night. i packed for this weekend and geeked out on lost. i sat glued to the tv and didn't move for two hours.
john took casey out on the path for a ride and see all the deer.

today has been a clusterfuck at work. omg. i am swamped. i so want to ditch one of the customers i have. they cause a lot of unwarranted stress... grrrr.
we leave for wausau tomorrow. should be fun. looks like it's gonna be hot.
pack the sunscreen.


kindergarden celebration

casey had her kindergarten celebration today. they sang songs, received their certificate to first grade, we watched a slideshow and then hit the classroom for some fudge stripes and oreo cookies with fruit punch. mmmm... sugar.

lost season finale tonight so from 8-10pm i'll be this annoying obsessed person watching tv. it's inevitable that the girls will fight, cry, need water, diaper changed, hafta show me something, ask a million questions, etc. but for those 2 hours they'll have to deal with dad.
after that pack the race bags so there will be less to do friday and saturday morning. i should wash my bike too. it's a wreck from palos.
speaking of palos i finally made it out that way last night. i'd say it was at about 80%. i met sara out there and we had a great time. the last time we rode together was 2005! insane. anyway, it was great to ride with her again. i miss(ed) her. hopefully i convinced her to make her way out to wausau this weekend.


air bags

my sis was in a car accident last night. she rear ended some dude. air bags deployed and everything. she's fine. luckily no kids were with her. she doesn't know what happened, but blames being doped up on migraine medication as it makes her spacey. how horrible.
palos tonight!!! can't wait. sara is going too. i can't wait to see her.



i lost my snappycap 110 on wednesday apparently as that's the last day i wore it. it came with me to kettle, i know it was in the car with me on the way home from kettle. but i don't know where it is now. garbage? out the window? stolen? i loved that hat.
i have obviously been very careless with my things lately. i'm not sure what the deal is. the past two days i have been very aware of where i'm laying my stuff down. i sometimes leave my keys, wallet, sunglasses in weird spots, but i find them right away. the garmin and snappycap were not so fortunate.
no riding yesterday. john and i spent the day at his parents helping them out with some odd stuff that seemed to take most of the day. i'm hoping to get out late tonight after john gets home from the crits.
tomorrow is wednesday, my day to ride. the plan is to hit palos. my first wednesday night there since last year.
end of may, i haven't hit palos yet? some kind of record for me.



too good to be true.
no babysitter today so we are a no go for bubba's ride. it's only may, i'm sure we'll get out there at some point.
kettles was awesome yesterday. goat, jeremey, gage, mitch, amy, burak, rick, steve, many more cambr folks were all there. but it was holly, christine, sonni, amy, and i that formed our own little girls ride.
temps couldn't have been better, the pace was perfect for a ride. we chatted, we took turns leading, it was a good time. the other girls were missed, but again, it's only may. plenty more opportunities to get a ride with them in.
today john and i are hanging with the kids and hoping to scoot out later this afternoon for a ride of our own. we had a nasty storm last night, so hopefully this day full of sun will dry them up enough so we feel comfortable heading out.



poor john is still sick. he's hoping to recover for the first stage of the tour da goat.
i'm actually waiting for dano to come pick me up so we can grab some lunch.
i didn't think i'd get a ride in last night but it did come together and i was able to ride for an hour. it was cold out. i was surprised at how cold it was. i had to wear a headband, kneekers, winter jersey... brrr. i was a tiny bit sweaty but not overheated. it's pretty chilly right now too.
i'm hoping to bust out of work here to get stuck in holiday traffic but ride at palos. we'll see. i brought all my stuff in case it all works out. i'd be happy just riding the triangle of trails out there.
this weekend is looking to be good. i'm trying not to get too excited as sometimes life has a way of getting in the way. tomorrow john will be in wisco... i'll probably pull weeds and stuff with the girls. hang outside. then hit my aunt's memorial day picnic. sunday i'll hit kettle and afterwards meet john up at bos' for another memorial day picnic. and then monday hopefully hit bubba's trails.
this is almost too good to be true.


singletrack junky

i hit kettle yesterday with my friend beth. the ride up was very long. construction on every single expressway in IL is a tad ridiculous. there's nothing we can do about it though. just deal.
deal we did. we started riding at about 12:30 and quit a bit after 3:30. beth had to sit out for a bit as she was ill so i went solo for awhile.
good times. it was nice to get out and ride singletrack, it had been awhile.



poor john is sick as a dog so no riding for me.
sore throat, achy, tired and coughing.
looks like the bone ride is out for him.
i'm still planning on kettle tomorrow.



guess what? i went for a ride and it started raining. i know. hard. to. believe.
i was riding the walt and was thinking the 32:18 was tough on the pavement. recovery ride indeed.
on another note... looks to be a good long topic on the wors board.
i hope the 10-day forecast is for real. i'm ditching work wednesday to ride kettle. i need a fucking break. i'm running on fumes. i achieved complete burnout today at work and completely shut down.
everyone is sleeping. i don't want to work tomorrow so i'm delaying the inevitable.


we headed up to lake geneva saturday afternoon. we have such great friends they offered to meet us off of 50 and take our kids. we were able to pre-ride with just ourselves. we started off together with our friend brad.
we seperated as they had extra climbing and i wasn't waiting. they'd catch me soon enough. i was a little disappointed at how much i was using the brakes, but then i thought about last year and how i felt exactly that on the pre-ride. so i figured i'd feel the flow more during the race. brad and john caught me and i felt as if i had to turn it up a notch to impress them. my heartrate jumped and i felt a bit sloppy not to mention breathing heavy. i fucked up the steep singletrack climb with the loose rocks and they both sailed passed me. once they passed me i settled down and felt good again. not sure why i always feel that way with john behind me, maybe the need to impress? who knows. anyway, i finished and my back was screaming. i sat down on the ground and tried to get everything stretched out.
john headed out for another as i caught up with amelia for a bit.
we headed to jerry's house for some barbecued chicken burritos courtesy of the goat and destiny. hung out for a bit and then crashed in the daanen's spare bedroom.
thanks again to jeremey, destiny and jerry. it was nice leaving a bit after 9am and getting there before citizen started.
after watching gage and julie start i headed back to the truck to get dressed. what to wear, what to wear? it was freezing! a lot colder than i was expecting it to be. i ended up in just a jersey and shorts and a jacket just to warm up in.
i wasn't looking forward to this race after pre-riding it. in fact i was kind of dreading it. in my mind it was the "dreadfast". i never thought about not racing it but didn't have fun associated with it. my back hurt so bad on the pre-ride and a few other reasons had me feeling like crap.
i had a front row start. the start wasn't so bad. i'm definitely better at starting than last year.
i was right, the course felt more flowy during race day, i'm sure the little bit of rain helped. i still suck at eating food. i sometimes forget parts of the course i need to remember so i can set up for them- the switchback from widetrail to singletrack- i forgot about that one every lap. the first lap was okay, 2nd lap felt good but i had back pain scares and the 3rd lap i felt the left leg getting that crampy feeling- i know i didn't drink enough (one bottle the whole race). i'm not ashamed to say i rode a lot of the race in my little ring- it kept my heartrate down and my legs fresher. the skills are there and hopefully i'm getting fitter. i'm trying to get the best out of the time i have to ride during the week thanks to my friend brian. i've definitely noticed that my starts are better and i recover sooner.

pic courtesy of renee

i loved the geneva course. it kicked ass literally and figuratively. iola seemed to be worse as far as catching slower riders. at iola it seemed like everyone was bunched in the singletrack whereas at geneva everyone was a little more spread out making it easier or even possible to pass. i was a little surprised at how some people slow down so much for a small log. something that the slightest lift of the front wheel and they'd sail over no problem. but that's racing. i still enjoy it and can't wait for the next.

john had the race i thought i was gonna have. he had a rough start being bumped off his bike and spent the rest of the race chasing. he said he wasn't feeling it. he was surprised at how good his result did turn out.

pics stolen from the goat

john was 7th age and 21st overall. i was 1st age, 6th overall.



i'm starting to lose sight of my desk. model year change over is happening. it's always a mess. stop production, start production, too much time in between, part numbers not enterable, confused customers, stack of papers and post it notes all over my desk. stressful to say the least. i'm behind and this time its not from slacking.
i also am thinking about the drive home and hope its not epic. i don't need that right now.
new frame in the basement waiting to be built. it'll be awhile. no fork, no wheels, no derailleur, no bottom bracket, no chainrings, no rotors, no seatpost. meh. patience is tough.
i could really use a piece of candy right now.


i road

last night on the paved trails. boring. but at least i got to ride. the trails coming off of the paved path were wet. the grass on the sides was saturated. palos is closed (pic is palos).
it's been raining like this for the most part since fall/winter with no end in site. it scares me to think that this weather pattern could go on for another couple of months. i hope not. but i'm starting to prepare in a sense by telling myself that pets isn't too far away, kettle is a weekend day away, mke river trails for some techie single, maybe peoria hasn't been hit like us? choices, just not any after work choices. perhaps it'll be the first year i actually use all my vacation instead of losing a week or so in march.
lake geneva this weekend. we leave saturday afternoon to hopefully pre-ride and then stay at jerry's house for some grilled chicken burritos and kickin' it in his hot tub. geneva is close, but it will be nice to only be a 1/2 hour away on race day.
i should start organizing now.



i tried to ride last night. john and i were taking the kids to an area where there is a small fun loop with climbing, descending and nice scenery. i'd ride first, he second and we'd hike with the kids while not riding. about 25 minutes into my turn the thunder and lightning rolled in. the sky was strange, it almost seemed as it would roll right by us, but no such luck. back home with some pop's for dinner. turns out we were in bed by 10pm lulled to sleep by the constant sound of rain drops on our window. i wish i could say i was fully rested, but zoe was in restless form last night and tossed and turned and hogged my pillow.
it's still pretty grey outside. kind of depressing. i hope lake geneva hasn't been hit with as much rain as we've been getting. i'm hoping for good conditions on sunday as i really need it.


i'd rather someone pooped in my cheerios.

it's fucking raining. again.


i try not to bum about the weather. but this year has been ridiculous with the amount of rainfall. it's supposed to rain again tonight and the whole weekend. we need a break from the rain so the trails can recover. i can't believe its fucking mid-may and i haven't been to bullfrog since, i think, october or maybe november.
i'm planning a ditch day for next week. wednesday perhaps. kettle maybe.
i think that's the day of the bone ride, so john'll be off doing his thing and i can do my own thing.
i did a 23 minute ride last night that sucked. do over maybe tonight.
tomorrow is my night for a ride. it's not looking good for offroad (duh). what to do, what to do. i'm tired of my road bike.



dirt i try to ride
rain rain mud mud rain mud mud
mother nature bitch



the rain has been relentless. it's been pounding the windows all morning.
hopefully this isn't a sign as to the kind of summer we'll be having. i'm trying not to even think about the trails.
mother's day today. happy mom's day to all you moms out there. we'll probably be spending out day in the mall hanging with the kids and buying my mirror for the dining room... and a dishwasher. finally.


john and i hit swallow cliff for a bit saturday afternoon. we went climbing. there are some pretty gnarly climbs across lagrange that are long and steep. the main one you think has a run in but it doesn't. looking at it it almost dips down but still going up if that makes sense and then an outward hump, levels out a bit and then gets really hard. the one spot almost makes you feel like you may loop out. the last part of the climb has you gasping, well me at least.
one climb, not as long or steep, but it's really loose and rutty. the bontrager dry x tires ruled the day. i really have been digging these tires. i need a few more rides in them, if all goes well, they may be labeled as my all time faves.
the other climb starts out a bit steep and awkward and then continues on gradually, levels out and then climbs a bit more. good stuff. i hate climbing so i need to work on it so my rides are even more enjoyable. i feel like i'll be riding pretty fast and then a climb comes, no matter how steep, unsteep, long or short and i feel like i pretty much stop.
after riding the climbs in a loop for an hour or so we headed out to ride some singletrack. for the most part it was rideable, but there were definitely small sections that needed to be walked. i was a little rusty, but felt like i was getting my timing back on the logs, and that felt good.



i was reading tom's comment on my last post and am starting to think it will be true.
wtf. i'm dying to ride offroad. mesa, palos, anywhere. totally. sucks. butt.
i rode the road, well the paved trails, again. the paved paths still had some dampness even. i think it's some kind of record for me, i've never had this little offroad mileage this time of year. i fear my next time offroad will be geneva. hope not. if the rain holds, fuck it, i'm going to swallow cliffs on mother's day.



john's night to ride with no worries are tuesdays- he goes to the matteson crits.
my night is wednesday- i try to go somewhere offroad. it hasn't worked out yet this year but once. rain, rain, missing teeth, muddy trails, poopy husbands. instead of hitting the mud i came home and hit the paved path. 20.3 miles later i came home looking for some food.
i've been slacking on the grocery shopping. things are pretty slim here as far as food goes. dinner consisted of doritos, 2 small pieces of leftover pizza and a graham cracker. so tomorrow i'll go to the grocery store and spend way too much money.
it's mother's day this weekend. my aunt usually has a cookout on saturday so we'll be over there for a time. that leaves this sunday open to hopefully do whatever. i'm thinking mesa? bring the girls and dog out? probably depends on weather.



i lost my garmin at iola. or on the way to iola.
bummer. what an expensive cycling computer to lose.



driving home yesterday i was telling john i really don't have much to write about as far as racing iola. nothing that stuck out really.
Saturday had us driving up north to meet up with the goat and other peeps. pre-ride. it pretty much rained on and off all the way there. i thought for sure we weren't riding. about 10 minutes from the course it stopped raining. sweet.
we pulled in shortly after the goat and peeps. i dressed shortly after to chase barb. my back was killing me. it was awful. and all the climbing. shit. i forgot how much climbing iola has. i had to keep shifting down as my back screamed at me. when i finally caught barb i stretched out a bit and moved my saddle back like 7mm. hopped back on and it was a dream. it was my bike back. i think when i replaced the post i thought it had much more setback than the use did. in reality it doesn't have much more at all. looks can be deceiving. anyway, i was stoked! my back still hurt, but it wasn't locked up. i could still pedal, it hurt, but i could actual pedal. i rode one lap and headed back to the car understanding why jesse and marko have bar tape on their bontrager bar ends. those effers are effin slippery!
the course was in good conditions. some wet spots here and there. i knew sunday would have pretty much perfect conditions. little did we know how perfect the day was going to be.
after john and the guys pre-rode we headed to the hotel to clean up a bit and grab some food. we hit a pretty good mexican restaurant and loaded up. yum. i actually wouldn't mind having mexican food right now. i love it.
in bed early, well we tried. zoe was a force to be reckon with. she kept taking her pajamas off saying "hot". so we had no choice but to let her strip. she finally went down right about 10pm. apparently she's one of those people that has to read them self to sleep.

it was difficult trying to get that magazine off her without waking her up. she latched onto it every time we tried to pull it away.
sunday morning had us eating breakfast with fellow bloggers and wors peeps.
raisin bran, peanut butter and jelly toast, yogurt, coffee, juice. free breakfast rules.
out to the course. we got there about an hour and half early for my start time which is really unusual for us. we've been known to "cut it close".
it was nice to not rush, to have time to dress, warm up, get my shit together.
i rode for a bit warming up, stopped and chatted a few, stretched. i even was able to tape my bar ends with good old medical tape. it was nice.
i stood in staging looking around at new faces, familiar faces, wondering who would take the win, who i'd be competing with. i was hoping it'd be as fun as last year with all of us gals pretty equal. having different strengths and weaknesses, each having a good day or a bad day but always having fun.

don said go and i found myself in unfamiliar territory. at the front at the start. whoa. this has never happened, well not for awhile anyway. so i started thinking, is this where i want to be? the start climb seemed easy. it wasn't as painful as i remember last year at the tater bake. that feeling didn't last long.
the first part of the course at iola is brutal. up, down, up, down.
i felt okay. i waited to long to eat as usual. i knew when i should've eaten but i didn't. i can't say i would've gained a spot or two but i definitely would've felt better going into lap 3.
i finished 9th overall and 1st in age. angela could've pimped me at the line and she didn't. i would have for sure been bummed, but that's racing. i don't think i would've pimped her either. my goal was top 10. i did it. i felt better than i thought i would after being so sick beginning of last week. tuesday i couldn't even ride 11 miles, i wanted to call john to come get me. so who knows. i'll never know if being sick affected me or not.
the race conditions couldn't have been any more perfect- the weather, the course. just amazing.
it was so awesome that all of us sport girls had such close times. 3rd thru 12th are all seperated by a couple minutes. how cool is that? should make for an exciting competitive season!
i'm hoping to redeem myself at geneva in two weeks. that was my first race last year and it was horrible!



i saw the chiropractor/napropathy guy this morning. wow. i miss going. i feel so much better. now to keep myself loose and stretched out. i need to stretch my hammies better.
my saddle on my eriksen was a 1/2 inch high. i lowered it yesterday and it felt much better- almost at one. still a few things to do to get it the way i want... barends, new tires and a little off the steerer. nothing that if i don't do won't keep the bike from being rideable this weekend. but still...
nothing new really. finally scored some riding glasses. i haven't had any since shortly before the meltdown last year. i really missed having a pair at rock cut.
hopefully my race report posted after iola will be a fun one. see ya there.