too good to be true.
no babysitter today so we are a no go for bubba's ride. it's only may, i'm sure we'll get out there at some point.
kettles was awesome yesterday. goat, jeremey, gage, mitch, amy, burak, rick, steve, many more cambr folks were all there. but it was holly, christine, sonni, amy, and i that formed our own little girls ride.
temps couldn't have been better, the pace was perfect for a ride. we chatted, we took turns leading, it was a good time. the other girls were missed, but again, it's only may. plenty more opportunities to get a ride with them in.
today john and i are hanging with the kids and hoping to scoot out later this afternoon for a ride of our own. we had a nasty storm last night, so hopefully this day full of sun will dry them up enough so we feel comfortable heading out.


Tom K said...

It rained last night??

yesterday afternoon, palos was in great shape if you make it over there. a few small nasty spots and some damaged areas, but overall the trails were awesome. just a little tacky.

bubba said...

We missed you guys......
Nice ride..
I hope you cash in the rain check soon.