i lost my snappycap 110 on wednesday apparently as that's the last day i wore it. it came with me to kettle, i know it was in the car with me on the way home from kettle. but i don't know where it is now. garbage? out the window? stolen? i loved that hat.
i have obviously been very careless with my things lately. i'm not sure what the deal is. the past two days i have been very aware of where i'm laying my stuff down. i sometimes leave my keys, wallet, sunglasses in weird spots, but i find them right away. the garmin and snappycap were not so fortunate.
no riding yesterday. john and i spent the day at his parents helping them out with some odd stuff that seemed to take most of the day. i'm hoping to get out late tonight after john gets home from the crits.
tomorrow is wednesday, my day to ride. the plan is to hit palos. my first wednesday night there since last year.
end of may, i haven't hit palos yet? some kind of record for me.