i've only ridden once since last post with the girls in mke which was fun. other than that, i've got nothing going on but work, kids and stuff.
i have no desire for a new bike, i didn't think that could ever happen, i may have to check myself into a hospital or something. the walt, eriksen, cross check, steamroller and moots have satisfied my bike needs for now. yeah, there are some parts out there that i want... namely a dt swiss bolt on ss hub. but other than that, nothing really. well okay, the ferrous still has a spot in my heart, but i don't see me getting one anytime soon if ever.
my thoughts have been mostly on tattoos. finding inspiration for filler.
thoughts of unclutter, dumpsters and christmas lists. family and friends.


dermal pigmentation

i've thought about tattoos for awhile now. i got my first when i was 18 and have always wanted more, just really didn't know what.
i've been thinking about it a lot the past few months. doing a lot of research on what i really wanted.
it's easy to focus on something else when not lusting after another bike or part. i'm pretty content with the bikes i have. i don't remember the last time i felt this way, i'm not sure if i ever did (i hope it doesn't last). while being satisfied with my bikes i need to focus on something else. that something else is what i'm doing to my left arm.
i got my tara mcpherson piece done tonight. more done in february- the custom artwork. i can't wait, but i can.
i was reading a forum somewhere and one of the posters said he was thinking of getting his ink removed because tattoos were becoming so mainstream. whatever. i think its great.
girls ride tomorrow at the mke river trails. should be fun. hopefully the rain holds off.
i really should've looked at my bike. last ride it was making all kinds of noises. hopefully they were just dirty bike noises.
it's gamer night tonight... john has friends and their kids over. it was a nightmare trying to put zoe asleep, she knew there were kids having fun while she was forced to go to bed. i finished surfing the internet... again. i'll probably finish im'ing my sis and go to bed.


mke river trails

john and i made the 90 minute drive up to the mke river trails.
we met up near the pick and save to a group of people. bender, james lalonde, goat, lori, amy, bubba, meghan, a couple people i didn't know, and marty! jeremey had mentioned that bender was bringing some hayes dudes. i thought, i wonder if he'll bring marty? i kind of thought no as i still was gathering some parts for him. but there he was. it was good to see him and ride with him.
we headed out on the trails with bender, goad, james and john leading and then me. a big gap formed, duh. as i watched them in the distance i thought, wtf. i came here to ride my bike not race against the men's elite field. so i used the root steps i messed up on as an excuse to get to the back of the pack where the riders were. phew.
i love riding, especially this time of year. i love talking to people, making fun of them riding, making fun of myself when i screw up.
the ride was good. i didn't crash on the ground once, but i did hit a tree. just lost concentration which out there means not respecting the trail. there were a few things i'd like to try again. never having ridden there before you'd turn a corner onto something you weren't expecting in the least. i look forward to my next ride out there.


the color purple

i've noticed that lately i've been attracted to the color purple. thinking about the rig i had. and then shopping yesterday i looked at myself and the kids... zoe had purple crocs, purple sweatshirt, casey had on a purple vest and i was wearing purple shoes with a purple crumpler bag.


hilariously offended

casey jumped in the shower with me today. as she was cleaning me with the poofy thing she said "mom, its just like washing a whale."


food fest

we arrived at st. xavier a bit early. better than late i suppose. casey's team ended up in 2nd place. they were a little sloppy probably from only having one practice this past week. they have fun regardless what place they come in.
the competition was ahead of schedule which kinda sucked because there was so much downtime. they couldn't speed it up as there were set times for awards and team arrivals. i ate so much while i was there. i had a few pieces of candy, finished up casey's yogurt, a cheeseburger and a yogurt waffle cone. not to mention the mountain dew and a few stolen nachos.
all my sister's teams did very well. One of them bringing home grand champion.
got home, made a pizza, watched some football. john made a fire.
he was asleep by like 7. i put the girls to bed and went to sleep about 9:30 out of sheer boredom.
i'm finding today its hard to get motivated.



my day started out okay and then ended crappy.
rushed to buy some webkinz or something for mia's party.
picked up something from reese too as my sister's back is out.
got lost on the way to the theater. finally found the theater, dropped the kids off.
my sis and i went to lunch and then went to the gym to clean egg off of all the windows.
apparently one of the girls boyfriends thought it would be funny to egg their gym. "what's the big deal, it's not like they had to clean it, the janitors will". what is it with kids these days? fucking losers. the egg was caked on pretty good. they also left cartons and unthrown eggs on the ground in front of the entrance. probably 2-3 dozen eggs. two of steph's cheerleaders came out to help us. we were only able to get the reachable windows done. we also needed something stronger to break through the egg funk.
zoe ate dirt and created the smelliest diaper known to man while we were there.
came home and waited and waited and eventually ordered a pizza. casey bath, bed and wake up early and get to st xavier probably late.
at least we gain an hour of sleep tonight. i sure need it.


bike work

i have so many projects going on, yet i don't have all the necessaries to finish any of them. and it's all little stupid stuff... its driving me CRAZY!
i can finish the surly if i could find cassette spacers for a single speed or a chainguard and keeper to make it a 1x10. the road bike needs carbon brake pads. my spot has brake replacements but i'm lacking the longer hose for the rear brake.. my eriksen needs new grips that i haven't ordered yet. and then the steamroller... i'm too lazy to pull it out (it's buried in the bike "aisle") to put a handlebar back on it.
my next purchase will be a singlespeed rim brake 700c wheelset. cool but inexpensive.
i still can't believe i don't have enough cassette spacers...

always changing

the plan this weekend was hit milwaukee cross on saturday and casey's comp on sunday.
i just found out casey's friend has a party to see the bee movie tomorrow. bummer. so i can't go. i was almost done changing the cross check from grocery getter to a bike i could race on (hopefully tonight). not to mention i haven't been to one this year. are there any good movies out? we were thinking about possibly seeing one while the kids were at the party.


Happy Birthday John!

it's john's birthday today. he hates his birthday and will probably hate this post.

great fun

left work a bit early. went out trick or treating with my sis, bro in law, mom, john, casey, zoe, reese, audrey and met up with tony and josh. the weather was perfect. walking zoe over to my mom's she fell out of the wagon twice. poor kid.
we ended the evening with some pizza from beggar's (yum) and went home where the kids passed out from exhaustion.
there is so much candy here its disgusting.