mke river trails

john and i made the 90 minute drive up to the mke river trails.
we met up near the pick and save to a group of people. bender, james lalonde, goat, lori, amy, bubba, meghan, a couple people i didn't know, and marty! jeremey had mentioned that bender was bringing some hayes dudes. i thought, i wonder if he'll bring marty? i kind of thought no as i still was gathering some parts for him. but there he was. it was good to see him and ride with him.
we headed out on the trails with bender, goad, james and john leading and then me. a big gap formed, duh. as i watched them in the distance i thought, wtf. i came here to ride my bike not race against the men's elite field. so i used the root steps i messed up on as an excuse to get to the back of the pack where the riders were. phew.
i love riding, especially this time of year. i love talking to people, making fun of them riding, making fun of myself when i screw up.
the ride was good. i didn't crash on the ground once, but i did hit a tree. just lost concentration which out there means not respecting the trail. there were a few things i'd like to try again. never having ridden there before you'd turn a corner onto something you weren't expecting in the least. i look forward to my next ride out there.


That Guy said...

Were there many dogs on the trails?

spicyride said...

no. but you would've hated the roots... and jagged rocks... and stairs.

Christine said...

Shoot, I was going to join in on that ride Saturday morning. I hope you had fun! Did you try the bowl?

spicyride said...

yes... i did the bowl. meghan did too.
you just have to go. we'll all do it this weekend.

D A N O said...

Riding with friends is the best when you dont have to hammer and can even talk to them while riding !

regina said...

So should I opt for my SS or for something with gears?