dermal pigmentation

i've thought about tattoos for awhile now. i got my first when i was 18 and have always wanted more, just really didn't know what.
i've been thinking about it a lot the past few months. doing a lot of research on what i really wanted.
it's easy to focus on something else when not lusting after another bike or part. i'm pretty content with the bikes i have. i don't remember the last time i felt this way, i'm not sure if i ever did (i hope it doesn't last). while being satisfied with my bikes i need to focus on something else. that something else is what i'm doing to my left arm.
i got my tara mcpherson piece done tonight. more done in february- the custom artwork. i can't wait, but i can.
i was reading a forum somewhere and one of the posters said he was thinking of getting his ink removed because tattoos were becoming so mainstream. whatever. i think its great.
girls ride tomorrow at the mke river trails. should be fun. hopefully the rain holds off.
i really should've looked at my bike. last ride it was making all kinds of noises. hopefully they were just dirty bike noises.
it's gamer night tonight... john has friends and their kids over. it was a nightmare trying to put zoe asleep, she knew there were kids having fun while she was forced to go to bed. i finished surfing the internet... again. i'll probably finish im'ing my sis and go to bed.


joeyTWOwheels said...

Ink is very addictive. I'm on number three, and I've been dreaming of a full sleeve.


Chris said...

It is addictive, but so expensive! I'm ready for No. 3 myself, but can't find the time or the expendible income ... maybe if I were satisfied with my bike stable ... nah.

fasterjim said...

Picures? You're right they are addictive. I'm on 8. 9 to come soon.

julie said...

i have just two, but they're big n' visible, and i still like them, 12 years and 2 years later. i think the only reason i don't have more is the debate about whether i'll like a design 10 years later. it's like the bike i have on my left calf- it's a track bike and i haven't been on the track in more than a year. but it's still pretty.

Sarah Lukas said...

Well, I guess it doesn't mean too much coming from an 18 year old, but I think tattoos are unique and give so much to a person even years down the road. I don't have any, and haven't found some time of bike related design, but am in no hurry. I figure if I ever get something with a bike it will encourage me to remember how much biking meant to me down the road. :-)

And that definitely is the mom in you. I finally went to the doctor yesterday after two weeks of my mom saying maybe I should go. I took some codine (weee) to help me sleep but that didn't even do the job. So they told me to go back if it doesn't go away. Hopefully it does tho.

spicyride said...

i find it strange i've not yet had some kind of bike related tattoo on my body yet... get well.