My Form part 1

I was never a hater of 29ers. When they first surfaced, I initially thought "they weren't for me, but for big dudes." Slowly my thought processes changed.
The color purple became one of my favorites, so of course I had to have a Rig.
I remember my first ride on it. I was cruising down Ridgeland on my way to the Mesa and right away I was like "holy shit, I can't believe how much momentum I'm keeping!" I was stoked.
I rode the Mesa. I remember braking hard into turns because I was cruising so fast into them... but unfortunately also because I had to turn that thing. As cool as it was I felt like I was driving a bus on some of the trails.
As much as I liked the Rig, I wanted something custom. I got the Waltworks shortly after. Singlespeed and rigid. It wasn't suspension corrected so it steered like a dream. It was almost too quick for me. As much fun as singlespeeding can be, and rigid... it just wasn't for me every ride.
Fisher came out with the Ferrous. I thought about that blue almost daily. The bow seatstays were beautiful. The simplicity and small little details made it the frame I had to have. With a little help from some creepy guy I was able to get my hands on one.
I loved that bike. I rode it rigid for awhile. It steered in the singletrack much better than my Rig. The Ferrous, IMO, was one of the coolest production bikes ever built. I still see the one I used to own and almost have regrets. Almost.
As much as I loved the Ferrous it was a pig. 5.5 pounds for a hardtail frame... ouch.
I wanted something light. I wanted to race a 29er. I was lucky to get a Superfly frame only and built it up rather quickly.
Right away I noticed it climbed like a goat. However I HATED how it rode in singletrack. It took me weeks to adapt to it. I didn't like it. I don't know what it was? 69 degree head angle?
I ultimately bought the Superfly to see if I dug a lightweight 29er and I'd eventually go custom.
John and I went on vacation to visit Zach and Sara a few months ago and we met Daryl from Form. After talking to him I pretty much knew he'd be building my next frame.
How cool is it to have personally met and ride with the guy designing your frame???
It's fucking cool.

I'd continue on about getting my Form... but I think I'm lucky if you stayed with me this far. Part 2 will happen at some point.


The Meltdown

You totes know this is gonna be a kick ass time. Save yourself a few bucks and get yourself registered before the 15th.