How bout this weather?!?!

Effin' A.


I'm a superhero... Arrgghh

But like you didn't know that already. I wished they had a raygun option as I would've been all over that one. You can make your own here. This is my first attempt. I plan on making another because I'll do anything to avoid work.
I may have to do the bow-staff next or nunchucks in honor of Napoleon Dynamite.
Nothing new over here. Still trying to motivate myself to ride. Still unsuccessful. Getting the WORS book almost made me want to get on my bike, but it didn't push me over the edge. My expanding gut just might though. I hate when tees start to feel snug at the waist.



Yeah, that's right. I went for a ride outside tonight. 13 miles outside. Fear me. And get this shit I was hit by a deer. I didn't go down though... I have mad skillz, yo. I felt so good I almost did 16 miles, maybe next time.
I really hate riding outside by myself through the woods at night. There's this one section of trail the way the wind blows... you know like in scary movies when the wind picks up and you just know the shit's gonna go down, yeah that kind of wind. I'm always waiting for some dude with a hatchet or some demon dog to jump out at me in that section.



I think I'm done spazzing. I'm a bit more relaxed at work today. I need more coffee though.
For the past few days (or weeks) I've stayed up near midnight internetting (duh). I've been waking up (not wanting to wake up) and been fine for the most part all day. Why is it that when I decide to hit the sack early I wake up the next morning exhausted and can't seem to wake up the entire day (even with tons of caffeine)? Yesterday and today I have been really tired. Like falling asleep on the way to work. Yet I've had the most sleep the past couple of days.


it's Monday

Yes it does. No House tonight. Work is out of control. I'm bitter. Still have a day or two of spazzing before I probably get it together. I shouldn't even be posting. I have so much to do. But whatever.
Went to the North American Handmade Bike Show this weekend. It was awesome. Good to see friends again. I think I enjoyed that more than the show... that's saying a lot. My favorite was probably the Ellis.