tomorrow is here

wow, i didn't think i could be any more bored than i've been. the house is clean so i can't even do that. the stuff that isn't done, i need john to move stuff to finish it up. ughhh...
small details on 24-9... the race was cancelled early due to the weather. john was pretty bummed about that. what a sucky way to end it. he'll probably be home around 7 or so.
i don't know what i'm going to do until then. it's almost going on 3. i'd like to hit target but i can't put any of my shoes on. seriously. my flips only go half way on and my crocs don't fit. i hope the swelling goes down by tomorrow.
we were suppose to be hit with some nasty weather, apparently it went right by us to the north and south.


a whole lotta suck

mucous, hot, crowded hallway, nothing to do, hot, cramps, blown receiver. ughhh... how fucking boring. i'm so bummed i'm not here, so much so that i had tears. no blog updates as everyone's blog i read is at the race. the only friend i have that's not there is sara. my work friends are even all there. i plan on feeling sorry for myself a little while longer then i'll probably, i dunno go do something. i almost want to go into labor so i have something to do, but john's not here obviously and that would suck. it's 10:30 and already near 90 degrees. swim tonight and cook out at my aunt's. tomorrow ? who the hell knows.



wow, i just woke up from like a 3 hour nap. i'm exhausted! i stayed home from work today. i did what i could... i felt like shit yesterday. i went to l&d last night about 10:30 because i just didn't feel right. better be safe than sorry. we busted out of there about 12:30. so john and i were both pretty tired. john's preparing for 24-9 and i'm preparing for a boring weekend. i'll probably hang out over at my aunt's house. looks to be a scorcher of a weekend. look what john just got:

lucky. we have no good pics yet, waiting for the headset to arrive, i'll post a pic when it's complete. i have a carbon bontrager 29er fork coming soon for the rig. hopefully it'll be here soon after the birth so i have something to do. i wanna put some new brakes on it too.



the torture. i've been fine for the past few months. i started surfing blogs today and saw pics of people riding and stuff. oh my god, I CAN'T WAIT anymore! i need to go for a ride on singletrack. I miss that feeling of being out there.
nothing much going on. need to clean (what else is new). this weekend, no plans. i think john is riding with jeremey and jerry this weekend. then he's off on a pub crawl. he's the mechanic i guess. i'll have to give him a camera so he can take pics. 180 or so people drunk on bikes on western ave. should be good stuff.


franklin today

no frankilin for me today... boo. all the elites should be on course now sweating their asses off. i'm bummed i'm missing it, but stepping outside i know i made the right choice. my feet won't even fit comfortably in my crocs! i'll be heading over to my aunt's to hit the pool. i'd like to evade gravity for an hour or so. luckily she's close. if i feel like shit she's less than a block away.
hope everyone is staying hydrated and has a good race.



i finally got a new cell phone. this one rings and isn't dented all over. work is busy as hell. but that's okay, i hope it gets it out of it's system now before i take off for maternity leave.


franklin this weekend


i miss racing. i miss riding. i miss my bikes. i keep torturing myself looking at pictures. this weekend will be my last race i'll be attending pregnant. hopefully i may be able to sucker my mom into hanging out with me so casey can race the kids' race and have someone chase her down the hill... don't think it'll be me.


from colin

i always know when colin is back home from his epic photo shoots... i get cool new wallpaper.
i needed this...
its about 11pm and i'm still in discussions with TWN regarding road group shipments and super fun stuff like that. pffft. as cool as new product is, it's always a lot of work to get it shipped out and it never goes smooth. one of the things i'm waiting on is info for bti's shipment... this is andrew, the owner of bti:

i love this industry.

emotional mess

casey left this morning on a trip with my parents. they are heading up to mi for some fun in the sun. they'll be back tomorrow. i cried on the way in cuz i'll miss her. then i laughed at myself. i had to explain to myself to get a grip, she'll be gone less than 48 hours! i blame hormones.



it cost me 41 bucks to fill the element's little tank yesterday! yikes.
john headed out to the wi ss championship race today. he headed up with bos. hope they are having a good time. i'm jealous. i wish i was there. it's my grandpa's 75th bday today, so i couldn't miss that.
i can't seem to get motivated today. i picked up a bit. i need to hit the bank and i need a new cell phone... but i don't want to drive the suburban. i haven't driven it in so long i dread how big it is. i hate parking it.
i guess what this post comes down to is i'm bored as shit.


who planned this anyway?

the l.a.t.e. ride is coming. i'll miss that this year too. always a good time. i wonder if anybody is doin' it. seems i must've been the plan maker as nobody seems to be doing anything together ride-wise this year.

but what i'm really bummed about missing is this.

and it's a national championship race this year, which makes it worse. somebody will have to use their minutes and give me a lap to lap update on what's going on. and everybody better bring their camera and take a buttload of pics.

it was weird seeing pics of me without a bloated face and expanded belly... but what was really cool was seeing my badass bike. i can't wait to bust that out in like september.

dammit blogger won't let me post anymore pics... fuckers.